Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October, How I Love Thee!

October 1st.....
How can this be?  I can't believe how fast September went by!

October is my favorite month of the year!  (Followed closely by December because I love all things Christmas! :)

I love October for so many reasons!
~It's beautiful Fall weather!  Today is the perfect example...it's a gorgeous New England fall day!  Love, love, love it!
~Wearing Fall clothes that I haven't paid attention to for months is like getting a whole new wardrobe...for FREE!
~Wearing a sweatshirt and feeling comfy, warm is the best.feeling.ever!
~October is my anniversary month!(21 years on the 24th!)
~I love the fall recipes and the smell of soups, stews, and pies wafting from the kitchen.  (waft is such a funny sounding word, don'tcha think?:)
~There are a ton of awesome saint days this month!  Some of my favorites are St. Therese of Lisieux(today), Guardian Angels(tomorrow), St Francis of Assisi(4th), St. Faustina(5th), and St. Teresa of Avilla(15th).
~All the beautiful fall colors....both the decorations we use inside with pumpkins and scarecrows, and the beautiful 'decorations' that God gives us with the changing leaves!(My favorite leaves are the orange ones!)

~I love apple picking and hay rides and pumpkin patches!  I can't wait to go to our local orchard over Columbus Day weekend when Mike is home!  (and I can't wait to come home and bake pies and crisps:)
~and, of course, there are football Sundays with fun food and family time!:)

So many reasons to love Fall!  

What's your favorite thing about Fall?  Happy October!:)