Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Tales From Our Long Weekend!

And we have arrived at Friday again!  It was a short week with that wonderful long 3 day weekend!  I wish we had more of those throughout the year!  Linking up with Jen for another Quick Take Friday!

#1:  Zoo Time!
We tried something new last Saturday night.  We took most of the kids(sans Andrew, who was away, Jon, who was out with friends, and Kate, who would not have enjoyed being in the dark) to a night time/Halloween themed zoo time.  It was fun for the younger kids...and the older kids had fun just all hanging out together.  (The warm apple cider donuts they had were incredible!  Yum:)

All the carousel animals had a different costume....

Luke played hide-and-seek in 'Monster Alley'

Peter had to touch EVERYTHING(!)

Luke won a giraffe mask:)

Luke eating his apple cider donut and too busy to smile:)

Daddy and Peter:)

#2:  Apple Picking
I shared a little on Monday about our apple picking adventure.  Even though it wasn't the "perfect outing", the kids had a good time.  (Even Kate had some smiles!:)

Kate wanted to carry her own bag:)

Mike and Kate got some great brother-sister time this weekend:)
 #3:  Wooly Bear Catepillers
Even at the orchard, Luke and Jon found a bunch of wooly bear catepillers!

Luke found a baby:)

#4:  Apple shots

 #5:  A Little Help....
It's nice not to need a ladder....

Mike was convinced that I asked him to reach some apples because I wanted to take a picture of him!
Seriously...I just wanted some perfect looking apples out of my reach!

#6:  Family Time
Family time doesn't have to be perfect to be special!  (Thank goodness!)

#7:  The Fruit of Our Spoils
(Pun intended!)
The best part of apple picking? 

When this......

...and some peeling help....

 Becomes this.....

(Two apple crisps(one gluten free and one regular) and an apple pie)

Which went great with this....

(chili and ribs with homemade bbq good!)

We love our football Sundays!