Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wow! It's Thursday!

Sorry I have been so quiet the past couple of weeks!  We've been going on a little adventure at our house!

We've had 2 young house guests during the week last week and the beginning of this week that just went home yesterday.  They were great...and now we are back to 'normal chaos'.

Kind of....

A friend of mine is organizing her home because of a possible job change her husband may be facing that would take them across country.  (I'm praying God's plan is to keep them right where they are!:)  She needed a hand watching her two youngest, who are just about the same ages as Luke and Kate.  After a little prayerful discernment, I signed up to help.  It will help us put aside some money for Christmas, which will be a blessing after this crazy year of change in Jay's job!

Having two extra little ones definitely changes my day.  So far it's been just leaves little time to be on the computer.  Hence, my lack of blogging as I figure out this new routine!

The senior youth group, that Jay is in charge of and Jon and Sarah are a part of, is holding their major fundraiser tomorrow night....Cookie Wars.  We invite parishioners, teachers, and the youth groups to bake a cookie and compete for the best cookie award.  We invite our parish and school to be the judges.  They pay $5 to try a piece of all of the cookies and then vote for their favorite!  There will also be face painting, coloring, and a Chinese Auction.  An extra special treat is a visit from everyone's favorite cookie connoisseur, Cookie Monster!

This year there will be winners in a couple of different categories.  The winners get a 'Golden Spatula' and bragging rights!:)

It's a lot of fun and I hope it goes well!  We haven't done as much advertising for the event as we did last year because of all of everything going on at home.  This event raises money to help defray costs for all the kids' trips and events and charitable work they do during the year.

If you could say a prayer for it's success that would be great!

I haven't forgot to share our weekend pics!  Stay tuned tomorrow for our Boo At the Zoo/apple picking fun!