Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He Said/She Said!

The other day, it was raining and Luke started opening the sliders trying to head outside...
Me:  "Luke, it's raining.  You can't go outside right now.
Luke:  "I'm going to try and blow the clouds away....
(In case you're didn't work:)

Jon and Jay were being goofy when we visited Mike last weekend at Assumption.  At one point, we were in the bookstore and there was music playing.  Jon and Jay broke into spontaneous dancing that included both of them Bernieing.
Mike turned to me and said,  "I don't know why we bring them out in public!?!"
Me:  "Me neither!"

Sarah made cookies in the late afternoon on Friday so that we could bring some to Mike on Saturday.  Luke came in the kitchen as the first batch came out of the oven.
Luke:  "Mom, can I have dessert before dinner?"
Last week, Sarah was stressed out one night over the amount of homework she had.  Sarah is a perfectionist and has very high expectations for herself...sometimes a little too high!  Jon was home and witnessed her stress levels....
Jon:  "I think that I'm the best mix between Andrew and Sarah.  Andrew doesn't care at all about school and Sarah cares way too much!(slight pause....)  I'm the perfect child!"
Sarah:(laughing):  "And so humble, too!"

When we visited the Roger William's Zoo 2 weeks ago, Luke and Jon had a cute exchange.
Jon:  "Luke, look at the elephants!"
Luke:  "Yeah....but where's the poop?"
(He is such a boy!)

Jon has been the main helper for Jay with our big, and seemingly never ending, house painting job!
Jon:  "Dad, I don't know what was cool in the 80's, but manual labor is not "in" now! honor of Wednesday(even though I mentioned this in a previous post)....
At the Roger Williams Zoo there was a lot of excitement as we approached the camel exhibit because of the older boys' obsession with the Geico 'humpday' commercial!  As we walked up to the camels, Peter surprised us all!
Peter:  "Hey, camel...Guess what day it is?!?"
The rest of us:  "Hahahahahaha!"
Happy Humpday!