Monday, September 30, 2013

Family Time!

How is it that Monday creeps up on us so fast?!?

Oh, well!  It's a new day.  I woke up feeling like an old lady today!  My friend, Mary, coerced me into joining her dance act for our parish's variety show and we had practice last night.  This is the variety show's fourth year and until now I have either been pregnant or had a young, needy baby so I got out of couldn't join in the fun.  This year there was no valid excuse, so I stepped out of my comfort zone.(and hopefully I won't completely humiliate myself!  Luckily, most of the routine is in the dark...for special effects because we are going to be wearing clothes that glow and have glow sticks in our hands....Mary is a master choreographer and it's going to look really cool!) body is not happy with me this morning!

Dance practice was only a small part of my weekend.  We had a busy Saturday of taxi rides, cleaning and painting the house,(still!), and a Rosary party at night with a bunch of friends.  Sunday morning was busy with Mass and Sarah helping with a CCD class then going to her own Confirmation CCD class, while Jon went fishing with my parents and Andrew and Ellie went to breakfast with my grandfather.

Since the Patriots played on Sunday night, (and won..woo hoo!:), I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and we did a little road trip to the Roger William's Zoo.  Mike and I had taken Luke, Peter and Kate during the summer, but the other kids hadn't been in years.  I bought a family pass for the year so we can try to go a few times.  It's less than an hour from our house and it's a pretty great zoo.

It was just nice to have a little adventure...and some special family time:)

Daddy and Kate looking at the zebras.

Mom and Luke:)
 The zoo had some fall decorations out that just begged for family pictures!  Getting a good shot of everyone isn't easy....or always possible!  Here's our blooper reel!:)
Not bad...Sarah's eyes are closed...but Jon is obviously enjoying himself!

Jay told me to hop in the picture....then Kate was crying because she wanted me and Sarah fell off the hay!

Everyone looking at Sarah and Kate as Jay continues to click away, laughing!

Yeah...time to cut our losses!
 Roger Williams has this super cool area called "My Big Backyard"!  It has water activities, a huge tree house, cool mini forts, some swings, a tunnel cave, and mini mazes.  The little kids could have played there for a really long time....but the older kids were getting a little bored(and hungry) and were ready to move on!
Love those sprinklers.....

....until it gets you right in the face!  Kate is telling me it got in her nose:)

In the tree house, they had music activities and these cool wheels that controlled.....

...a kaleidoscope wall of bright colored leaves!  Peter especially loved it!

Kate looking cute(and wet) in the lookout!
 Andrew picked up Courtney at PC and met us at the zoo.  Andrew loves to take picture(add sarcastic voice and eye roll here!).
 Occasionally we can coerce him into smiling!

Luke...also all wet....having fun with the kaleidoscope!
 I think the little kids had as much fun climbing the trees as they did seeing the animals!

 Jon is obsessed with the Geico commercial with the camel saying, "Humpday!"  He had gotten all the younger kids into saying it to.  So it wasn't a total surprise when Peter walked up to the fence saying, "Camel...guess what day it is?"  That made us all laugh!
Jon "nosing" Sarah..

Ellie didn't get the memo that she was supposed to smile nicely...not sassy!
 Luke was having a great time walking around with Andrew and Courtney!  He kept asking Courtney if she could hold her hand, which made Courtney melt:)  I told Andrew he might have some competition!(lol)...and Luke likes to take pictures most of the time!

When we got back in the car, most of the kids promptly fell asleep.  I kept Luke entertained so that he didn't sleep so late in the afternoon and then stay up until 10!

It was a fun day with some nice family memories:)

I hope you enjoy the last day of September!