Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Just in case you were worried, everything here is not as dismal as it felt on Monday!  Kate has been much better yesterday and today with only a minimal amount of tantrums.(Thank-you, God!)

I let my fear get away with me.  Kate had been for a well check-up two weeks ago and she had her first vaccination.  (We do a very, very drawn out and abbreviated immunization schedule because of Peter. It's what we feel comfortable with.)

Anyway, Luke got sick 2 days after her appointment and Kate came down with it 2 days after that.  So, in my head, I had this fear that Kate was having some kind of reaction to the vaccine.  ( head is a very scary place to be sometimes:)

Kate is fine...just had a rough day.  (Me, too:)

I am just trying to play catch up a little around the house and somehow, writing about how I finally dusted all the ceiling fans (because the dust has accumulated to the point where it was starting to spill over the sides of the blades!), didn't seem like a very interesting blog post!

I've also spent some time looking up info for college open houses for Jon (be still my heart!)...and trying to find some fun fall festival to go to.  I'm really itching for some kind of mini trip!  Trying to coordinate everyone's schedule and find something fun(and affordable!) is the real challenge!

Hope you're having a great 'Hump Day'!