Friday, September 20, 2013

"Fall"ing Into the Weekend!

#1:  Post Party Smiles
I'm still enjoying the feeling of hearing the 'happy roar' from the gender reveal party I put together on Saturday!  It was truly a roar, too, because it shook the house!(Think...a house full of people with your favorite team in the superbowl catching a winning touchdown as time expires to win kind of roar!)  It was such a great experience!

#2:  Virus Fun wasn't really fun!  It was a long few days of kids being sick!  Thankfully, the virus we had was quick moving!  I'm doubly thankful that not everyone got it!  (I'm triply glad that I didn't get it!  I don't think 'triply' is a word...but I'm tired and I'm going with it!)

#3:  Cutie Patooties
I wrote yesterday about how much I love the love between Luke and Kate.  When Kate was sick, Luke felt bad for her and wanted to give her a hug.  Definitely a '"Kodak" moment...well, actually, a "Sony" moment....but you know what I mean!

#4:  Lovin' the Veggies....

....VeggieTales I mean!  When the older kids were little, the loved VeggieTales.  Jay and I recently had the discussion that we needed to start putting on more VeggieTales for Luke and Kate.  We love VeggieTales as much as the kids!

Just talking about VeggieTales made Sarah and Jon animated and they started singing classic VeggieTales tunes.  I love that those videos are special memories for them...and that they are excited to share the videos with their younger siblings!:)

#5:  Bring on Fall!
I am loving this cooler weather!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!  I love putting on a sweatshirt and feeling snuggly warm!  I love the crisp cool temperatures and the bright blue sky!  I love football Sundays filled with family time and fun foods!

I just really love Fall:)

#6:  Football Fun
Our older boys are all sports fanatics!  Football is their favorite to watch!  They each have their own favorite college team:  Mike, Michigan; Andrew, Michigan State, and Jon; Notre Dame.  When it comes to the pro's, our house is filled to the brim with Patriot's fans!  They will all be sporting their Patriot's jerseys on game day...and let's hope that the team plays better than the last two weeks!  They won...but it was ugly!

#7:  Fun Football Food
Every week, I try to add at least one new food to our football fun menu.  Last week, I made piggies in a blanket and taco dip and chicken nuggets...which is a little more blah than usual because the Patriots had played on Thursday night.  They are back to the Sunday schedule this week, though, so I'm hoping to bring my "A" game to the game day menu!

I'm planning on trying a new dessert this weekend....Upside Down Apple Pie!  It looks pretty good to me!  Jay loves my regular apple pie...I have a great pie crust recipe that is sweet and kind of taste likes sugar cookies!  It is yummy, but sometimes it is good to try something new!  Sarah is going to make a lemon meringue pie, too.  I will make some actual food to go with it, but I haven't looked at the grocery store flyers to see what's on sale so I can make a menu.  There is a new wings recipe I want to try....and mini taco "pies" recipe made with Grands biscuits...and a few others that have peaked my interest!  I really like to cook...and Sunday afternoons are a fun time to munch on some new treats! 

I will let you know what I decide on and how they turn out!

I hope your weekend is filled with family time and all the flavors of Fall!