Friday, September 27, 2013

Wrapping Up the Week

#1:  Playground Fun

I have been wanting to spend more time with Luke at the local playground he likes to go to.  On Wednesday, I picked him up from preschool and we headed right to the park.  Luke and Kate were really excited to be there!  Luke was running up onto all of the big slides and Kate was wandering around taking it all in.  Surprise, surprise...Kate wanted to follow her brother up to the big slides instead of staying on the slides that were more age appropriate!  I thought for sure that once she got to the top and saw how high it was that she would turn around and head back down the stairs.

That's not how it went!

She got to the top and turned around and said, "Up" and wanted me to go down the slide with her!  I was so afraid that my hips were going to get stuck!  (Thankfully they didn't!  That would have been sooo embarrassing!  The things we do for our kids!)

Halfway down the slide, just as I was having a "feeling like a good mom" moment for taking my kids to the park and even braving a slide(!), I heard Luke calling for me, "Mommy, I need to go potty!"  

Really!  We had only been there five minutes tops and there were no bathrooms at the park so we had to go home! 

That sure popped my 'good mommy' moment pretty quickly!  We will have to try again next week!

#2:  The Football Feast

I did try that upside down apple pie I mentioned last week...but I made it on Saturday for a cookout with our friends, the Teixeira's.  (That's the family that I got to have the gender reveal party for 2 weekends ago...and their daughter, Ava, is still beaming!)  The pie turned out really good!  Next time I want to try it with my regular pie crust instead of the crust from the recipe.  But, it was all gone by the next morning!  (Jay finished off the last piece for breakfast:)
My favorite part was the glaze on top!

For our Sunday football feast, I made cheeseburger sliders on waffle fries, crock pot chicken wings, and Minestrone soup.(because Sarah mentioned that we have a 'soup of the weekend' all fall and winter long!)  We finished off Sarah cookies for dessert by making them into cookie ice cream sandwiches!(Yum!)

We also had the pleasure of having a visitor!  Andrew's girlfriend, Courtney, came for the day!  It was very nice to have another girl in the house!:)

#3:  'Old Fashioned' Fun
Jay runs the senior youth group at our parish and their kick-off meeting is tonight.  They are having a video game tournament.  Last night, Jay, Andrew, and Jon were hooking up old tv's to old video game systems to make sure they would work.  They did...and an exciting game of Techmo Bowl ensued! (Jay likes those old fashioned video games where you can only move forward and jump!)

#4:  Disney World's Policy Change
I was really sad this week to read an article that Disney is changing their policy for people with disabilities.  They are changing their policy because there was a big scandal when they found out that some families had been hiring people with disabilities to escort them through the parks and get them to the front of the lines!  So now, all the families that the policy was created to help are going to suffer for it!  So.wrong!

One of the biggest draws for us to go to Disney was of their exceptional treatment towards disabled people and the way they cater to people with food allergies of all kinds!  Having a disability pass meant a lot to a child like Peter.  It's so frustrating that people abused the policy!  I wish Peter was 'normal' and could tolerate standing in long lines!  But, he can't...and the disability pass made Disney a magical place for him, and for us as a family able to enjoy something all together!

And, seriously, Disney!  Come stand with Peter for 5 minutes and you will see that there's no way in you know where that anyone would be hiring him to escort their family through the park for the entire day!  I hope that something gets worked out to tweak the policy to protect it from abuse without punishing the people that need it!

#5:  Random Pictures From the Week
Kate wants to join in when anyone is snuggling on the couch with a blanket!

Andrew helping Luke with a small Lego creation that Grandma and Pa surprised him with...and Kate wanting to be in the center of the action!(as usual!)

Kate in her new fall outfit! Love, love, love baby/toddler girl clothes!

Luke snuggling up with Ellie on the beanbag chair while Ellie plays video games and Luke pretends to play!
Luke and Kate snuggled up with Daddy reading a book together:)

#6:  Cross Country
Sarah is running cross country for her high school this fall.  She had an away meet this week.  I couldn't make it that day and Jay didn't think his work schedule would allow him to get there.  During the day, Jay's schedule imploded and, instead of seeking out more per diem work, he finished up early and made it to her meet.  (Which is a real struggle for him because he works so hard to pay for my Gymboree addiction to provide for our family, so turning down work makes him feel guilty....)

The guilt melted away when he got to the meet and Sarah ran up to greet him.....
A giant hug from your 14 year old daughter because she is so glad you came to see her run....priceless!

#7:  Super Sisters
Speaking of Sarah...and Ellie...they are both 'super sisters'!  On Wednesday, Ellie spent a ton of time playing with Luke and creating acts for a circus that they put on for us after dinner that night.

On Saturday, Sarah didn't have cross country practice because she was resting a very sore hip flexor.  After she woke up and got ready for the day, she really wanted to make chocolate chip cookies for everyone for the weekend.  I hesitated briefly because it was mid-morning and you know what happens when there are freshly baked cookies in the house.....but, of course, I wasn't going to turn down her offer.(and of course everyone ate warm cookies out of the oven before lunch...or even before they were out of their jammies!)

This one is my favorite!  So stinkin' cute!

I hope your weekend is filled with sweetness!

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