Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our Dynamic Duo

I have a dynamic duo....Luke and Kate!

They are so great together!  Kate wants to do everything that Luke does.  If he jumps, she jumps.  If he runs, she runs.  If he pretends to be a puppy, she pretends to be a puppy.

Yesterday morning, Kate was grouchy and wanted something for breakfast and nothing for breakfast all at the same time!  Everything we offered she cried about and rejected until we just took her down from the stool and put her on the floor until she could stop whining and choose something!  Of course, she just stood there and cried.  Luke got down from the counter and said in a very big boy voice, "Let me talk to her."  And he gave her a hug and tried to calm her down.  It was really cute!

They just love each other so much.  Luke is such a great big brother and, at least for the time being, doesn't mind being followed around.  He is even patient with her when she tries to take his toys or breaks his legos.

Last night, Luke was laying on the couch with his truck pillow and "Snoofy blanket" to fall asleep.  Kate wanted to do the same.  (Surprise, Surprise!)  Instead of having her own pillow and blanket last night, she wanted to lay right next to Luke!

Luke was really tired!  He actually asked to lay down last night and it was early for him!  But he still slid over and made room for his sister....and didn't get angry with her when she was poking at him or stealing the blanket!

They are so blessed to have each other...and I am so blessed to have both of them!