Friday, September 13, 2013

Comings and Goings

#1:  Water Breaks
Jay and Jon worked on our house painting project this past Saturday.  To say that painting is not Jon's favorite chore is an understatement.  (How do I know this?  Two weeks ago, while Jon was painting the trim on the garage, he exclaimed every five minutes or so, "Ugh..I hate painting!"  This past weekend Jon offered up painting for Syria, so there was no complaining:)

However.....there were some times when Jon disappeared for a while.  This picture is Jon trying to explain why getting a glass of water takes 20 minutes.....(he got "side-tracked" by one of the college football games on tv!)

#2:  Detachment
Speaking of Jon.....

I love it when our kids actually listen to the homily on Sundays.  This past weekend Msgr. talked about detachment.  After Mass, while eating breakfast with my grandfather and his sisters, Jon brought up the subject of the homily and asked Ellie if she understood what it meant.  Ellie explained it correctly.  Jon said, "Let me help you practice detachment from your potatoes!"(as he took a big fork full off of her plate!)

I'm thinking that's not quite what Msgr. had in mind.....

#3:  New Wheels

We finally found a car for Andrew that was a good fit!(i.e. not too expensive and safe!)  He got a white Ford Taurus.  We have been praying and searching for a car over the past month since Jon got his license.  Ironically, the Taurus was originally owned by the Dominican Sisters of Columbus!  The car is 10 years old but immaculate inside!  It makes me feel safer knowing that Sisters were probably praying in that car!

#4:  Show and Tell

Luke has show and tell for the first time today.  He has to bring in something that starts with the letter 'a'.  Our suggestions of apple, alligator, a picture of Andrew, or a drawing of an ant were not good enough!  Luke wanted to bring an excavator!  (Wrong vowel, honey!)  Since I am well versed in the A, B, C's of trucks(we own a book), I suggested that he build an aerial lift with Daddy.  So he did!

#5:  Football

I'm actually writing this on Thursday while watching the Patriot's game.  I don't really like when "our" team plays on Thursday night.  It goes too late and it makes the special Sunday football spread  not as special when you just watch random football games.  I'm thinking Sunday would be a good day to go to the zoo, weather permitting!

#6:  Speaking of Weather....
I am NOT enjoying this hot, humid weather that has descended upon us the last couple of days!  I gave in and turned the AC's back on because most of my family does not do heat well!(and I include myself in that description!)  Nice, cool September weather is back in the forecast for Saturday!  Hopefully it doesn't rain too much tomorrow so that our painting project can continue!  The goal is to have the painting done by the end of September!

#7:  Funny pic
I saw this, Colleen, and thought of you!

Why, yes! Even on days when we accomplish nothing on the to do list, we can remember this! Happy Friday, moms!

    Have a great weekend!:)