Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Tales From a Dessert Snob!

And here we are at Monday, again!  How does this happen so fast!

Friday's fundraiser, 'Cookie Wars', for our high school youth group went well.  It wasn't as successful as last year, but it was a good time and raised just under $1000 for the kids.  Andrew did a great job as Cookie Monster...although Kate was terrified of him and didn't want to be anywhere near him!

Saturday, I did a favor for my parents and worked for a few hours while Jay and Jon finished painting the body of the house!  Hooray!  Now he just has to finish the trim.(sigh...)  Almost there...and then we can start on inside projects:)

Saturday afternoon, I had to go grocery shopping and Jay took Luke and Ellie to look at Halloween costumes.  Ellie decided to use a costume we already had(sock monkey) and Luke chose a Captain America costume.

Andrew made a rare food request this weekend.  He mentioned a recipe someone posted on facebook for chocolate lasagna.  ( I have been begging my pickiest eater forever to find some recipes he would be willing to try!  Of course it was a dessert!)

I hesitated to make the recipe.  Why?  I have a confession to make.  I am a dessert snob!  If a recipe has Cool Whip in it, I usually don't consider it.  This particular recipe not only called for Cool Whip, but also for chocolate pudding mix, oreos, and a package of cream cheese.(I don't do 'no bake cheesecakes', either.)  There was only mixing in this chocolate lasagna baking...required.  I know lots of people jump for joy for those recipes, but it's just not my thing.  I really like cooking from scratch.

But, since Andrew had made such a specific request, I quickly squashed my idea to swap out the cool whip and pudding mixes for whipping cream and homemade chocolate pudding, and kept it simple.  After a busy Saturday, it worked out fine.  The kids enjoyed it.  (It still didn't feel quite right to me.  I know...I'm a dessert snob!  Please don't hate me!)
Sunday we just hung out because several people in our house have bad sinus colds.  We watched the Patriots lose (boo!) and tried to re-energize for next week.  I even kept the food simple....homemade sweet pepper soup, Perdue chicken nuggets, and taco dip.

Sunday night I had dance practice for the act I'm in for our Parish's variety show next month.  I have to say that it is really coming together! (But I'm glad I am in the back!)  I'm friends with all the other women participating and it's fun hanging out...and exercising at the same time.

Today has been quiet since all the girls are under the weather.:(  I'm enjoying a more laid back day to catch up on laundry and anything else I can manage to get to!

Hopefully, everyone will be feeling better soon!  (Although I am grateful that it's just a cold virus and not a stomach bug!)

Hope your week is starting off on the right foot!

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Anonymous said...

that recipe was probably my fault I posted it and have been dieing to try it