Friday, October 25, 2013

Wrapping Up A Busy Week

We meet again for another Friday wrap up!  This week went by fast!  Other than some people still being plagued by a nasty sinus cold, it was a good week!

#1:  Celebrations!  
Yesterday was our 21st wedding anniversary!  Jay and I celebrated by going to a new restaurant, Trafford, that my sister had given us a gift card to for our birthdays.  The food was great!  Jay had surf and turf because baked stuffed shrimp are one of his favorites!  I had the special...cod wrapped around baked stuffed lobster with a special lobster sauce.  It was sooo good!  We got to sit on a heated, enclosed patio.   The view was beautiful...

Since it was a little bit of a drive to get there, we got time to talk, too!  That's a treat in itself!

#2:  Go, Sox!!!!
Lots of excitement for Boston sports fans!  Game 1 was great!  Game 2....not so much!  Jon has gotten a chance to go to a few Red Sox games in the past 9 years.  Ironically, he went during the 2004 season, the 2007 season, and in August of this year.  So, each year that he has gone, the Sox  made it to the World Series(and won the first two times!)  If they win this year, I'm sure Jon will take personal responsibility for their success! lol:)

#3:  Family Prayer
It's been on my heart to start doing a family rosary each night at about 7:30 with whoever is around.  We finally got to do it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  It's a start!  On Tuesday morning, the Catholic Digest Quiet Moment was:
How beautiful is the family that recites the Rosary every evening!
Bl. Pope John Paul II

and on Thursday:
When people love and recite the Rosary, they find it makes them better.
St. Anthony Mary Claret

I think that's a sign and we will try and get into a routine!

#4:  Quiet Time
Speaking of prayer...I got to go to adoration on Wednesday night for an hour.  Silence with God for an hour is wonderful!  I went at night so the church is dimly lit.  The shadows that the pews made down the main aisle were super cool. 
Check it out....Hearts!
  Symbols of love leading to Love!

#5:  Field Trip!
Luke had a field trip to the fire station this morning.  He has been SO excited for this all week!
Luke had lots(!) of questions for Fireman Tom!

listening intently!

Luke's favorite part...sitting in the fire truck!

#6:  Parade
Luke actually had a really busy day today.  Usually he is a half-day friend, but today his class was having a pizza party and then all the younger grades were having a costume parade.  Luke chose to be Captain America this year...because the store didn't have a fire truck costume.(and mommy is not at all crafty!)

Without his case you weren't sure who he was!:)

#7:  He Said/She Said

Actually, I only collected 'He Said's' this week from Luke.  So I guess the title should be "Luke Said".

Luke:(reaching for a tissue and sniffling)  My nose is fluffy!
Jay:  Do you mean stuffy?
Luke:  Yes, my nose is stuffy.  What does stuffy mean?

Luke:  (looking in the mirror after his haircut)  I don't look the same without my hair....but there's still a little left!

Luke:  (to Andrew)  Don't eat my food because my spit's all over it!

Luke:  (to Andrew)  Don't eat all the bacon.  That's a bad word!

Have a great weekend!