Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Unique Opportunity!

Somehow through the blogging world loop, I was part of a mass email asking for a review of a new book, The Mother of All Meltdowns.  I like to read.....and reading stories of other moms' "hiccups" in the parenting world always makes me feel better!  I certainly have my own less-than-stellar mommy moments that could fit into the theme really, really well!  So, I jumped at the chance to do something different and exciting...and it was really enjoyable, too!

The Mother of All Meltdowns is a collection of lots of mamas' messiest moments....and they share them in print!  It's like sitting in a big, brand new "Mommy and Me" group sharing war stories!  You will sometimes find yourself nodding to these women sharing their stories with a quiet 'Mhm', sometimes sighing that deep, mommy-tired sigh of understanding when these mamas share their difficult mommy moments, laughing out loud at the way these mamas' have dealt with their child's embarrassing moments or difficult behaviors, and wanting to jump in and share your own most embarrassing experience!  It certainly makes me feel better about  my own parenting bumbles!

(Because you know every mom has a great poop story!  I personally have several!)

If you are looking for a mostly light, though sometimes messy(!), entertaining read....this is a great choice! 

My favorite story was by Tamara Bowman(pg. 87), who wrote about letting her daughter play with her one-of-a-kind, personally designed wedding ring while potty training, losing the ring(convinced her daughter flushed it down the toilet), hiding her hand from her husband for two days so he didn't realize she lost it(!), contacting the jeweler who made it and almost put herself into debt to replace it when her husband asked what was wrong.  I'm not telling you what happened have to read the book!  

I frequently stress about situations that become bigger and bigger in my mind, then emotionally 'pop' all over Jay, and he, in his rational 'man ways' comes up with a completely logical, unmessy solution!  All that worrying for naught...but I still keep doing it!

If you're a mom who has experienced a meltdown or 2(or 10..or 100), you might want to check out.....

(I think I'm supposed to add some kind of disclaimer here...but this is all new to me!  The opinions and text in this post are all mine!)