Friday, June 14, 2013

We Made It To Friday!

Linking up with 7 Quick Takes Friday...

1.  Sarah's Special Weekend
Well, really it was a loooong weekend because it started on Friday with her class field trip to an amusement park...
Having fun despite the rain!  Notice the Burger King Crown!
She's such a goof!

Posing with the "duck face" for the camera!

2.....continued with a Baccalaureate Mass and Semi Formal dance on Saturday....

3.....and ended with graduation on Monday night...
Sarah giving the Valedictorian Address!
She did a great job:)
 Her speech centered around making a difference by getting involved.  Here is the main part of it...(forgive me...I'm a proud mama!:)
We are the Church and the nation now.  It is our actions that influence it.  Get involved;  it is the best thing you can do.  Let nothing hold you back, but only push you forward.  You are needed and wanted.   Our community needs you, whether it is a small task or a larger one.
Right now, we may not be in a position to cause monumental changes in the world.  In the words of  Blessed Mother Teresa,   "Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love."  
Small acts like smiling at a friend or at a stranger, choosing to be positive and not  gossip, defending someone being bullied, befriending someone who is lonely…..these are all small things that make a big difference.  You could save a life by just giving a smile or a friendly comment.
I would like to end with a quote from Blessed Pope John Paul II.  He dedicated his life to helping youth wherever they were.  He was a hero to everyone who knew him.  
He said, “The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

Proud parents with the happy graduate:)

4.  Father-Daughter Dance
Ellie's school held their annual Father-Daughter Dance on Sunday afternoon.  Special Daddy and Ellie time, dancing, friends, and sundaes....doesn't get much better than that!
I love when she wears compliments her beautiful, blue eyes!
5.  Strawberry Season!
Tuesday was my mom's birthday and her favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake.  The first strawberries of the season usually begin right before her birthday so I always make a homemade shortcake to go with these delicious, local berries!  Kate sampled a few while I was baking.....

Kate loves, loves, loves strawberries!
 (I'm not sure the strawberry  stain is coming out of that shirt, though!)

6.  Tebow Time!
Tim Tebow became a New England Patriot on Monday!  This caused quite a bit of excitement at our house since my boys are huge Patriot fans and had become huge Tebow fans when he was in Denver.  When Tebow became a Jet, it was a great disappointment....How can you cheer for your favorite player on the enemy rival team?

NO MORE ANGST!  Tebow is "one of us" now!

(Just in case you're reading this, Grandma,.....the boys have already put Tebow jerseys on their Christmas lists.  But Mike can't have one because every jersey he gets seems to result in the hurt/trade of the Maroney, Mayo, Chung, and Brady right before he tore his ACL.  Jon says, "He(mike) is a monster that needs to be stopped!  He needs to start buying Bronco stuff!"

7.  Potty Progress!

After successfully potty training 6 other children, Luke has been giving me a run for my money!  On Saturday night, Jay used some positive peer pressure and told Luke that his cousin had gone potty.  That news opened Luke to wearing underpants on Sunday.  Sunday was a rough day...2 successes and lots of accidents.  Luke went through every pair of shorts and pants that he owns!  After his bath that night, I brought out his diaper and jammies and he got all excited..."I get to wear my diaper!!!!!"  That didn't bode well!  Who would have thought someone could be so attached to a diaper?!?

We persevered and Luke's attempts got better on Monday and by yesterday he was down to one accident!  Whoop, whoop!

This morning, Luke woke up with a dry diaper.:)  After going potty, he put on underpants.  Kate got all upset because she wants to do EVERYTHING Luke does and she wanted underpants, too!

Love it!  They are super cute!

Hope you have survived your week and have some fun planned for this weekend!