Monday, June 17, 2013

Hopping into Monday...(pun intended)

It was a nice weekend with family.  I got some nice 'action' shots:)

The big Saturday chore that spilled into Sunday and will be finished up tonight(hopefully!), was opening the pool!  Jay found a tree frog for Luke.  Luke walked around with his new 'friend' all afternoon!
Luke pointing to the frog...

Luke's frog he named, originally, "Frog":)

In the last pic, I told Luke to say "cheese".  He said, "Mom, frogs can't talk.  They can't smile either!"  LOL

Kate and Luke had some 'cousin fun' after brunch at our house on Sunday.  I couldn't get Kate and Mya to look at the camera at the same time!  But they are cuties anyway! Luke and Brayden were using the noodle as a telescope of their pirate ship...such great imaginations! 

I got these cute shots of Kate...

I just love that little face!

Today, Sarah and I took Kate and Luke to Ellie's school's field day at Cathedral Camp.  Ellie liked having her siblings there!

The school year is winding down...2 more days for Jon and Ellie and 3 more days for Peter!  Just as their year is winding down, I am looking into financing option for Mike's loans at Assumption and Andrew is at an overnight orientation at UMass!

Never a dull moment around here:)  Hope you are having a great Monday!