Thursday, June 13, 2013

St. Anthony, St. Anthony Come Around!

Today started off really well.  I didn't have anything official to do today.  We woke up to sunny weather, but a quick peak at the weather channel app on Jay's phone showed that there was more rain to come...sigh.  So I headed outside early with Kate and Luke so that Kate could get in her "winging" and Luke could get his sandbox fix in!  Kate and I were still in our jammies!

We had some nice playtime.  Luke and Kate were swinging on the hammock swing together.  They were so cute!  It was one of those perfect family moments.....until Luke stood up quickly and knocked Kate flat on her face.  Much crying ensued, but no blood! are some pre-drop pics!

Once our outside fun was finished, we headed inside to clean, clean, clean!  I had a double incentive to my day.  Today is the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua.  I think he is best known for helping people find lost things!(St. Anthony was also a very holy man and an incredible speaker!)  I was seeking out his help to find a couple of lost items today!

I hadn't seen Peter's Ipad since Tuesday and our kindle fire has been m.i.a. for about a week!  Since the house needed a good cleaning, using it as an excuse to search for lost items seemed like a good idea.  So with a prayer, my vacuum, my broom, and my dust bin and brush, I started in a favorite tablet hiding place...under or in our living room couches!  I cleaned out and vacuumed under the cushions and moved the couches and cleaned out everything underneath.  No luck...but it was nice knowing the room was clean.

Then I moved onto another tablet hiding place:  under Peter's bed.  I moved the bed, put away all the clutter, cleaned under the bureaus, but still nothing.

I moved onto the family room.  That couch eats things...literally! (there's a hole under one of the cushions and lots of things fall in there!)  I found 5 remotes(!), batteries, plastic dinosaurs, blocks, leftover popcorn....but still no tablets.

Next, I tried under and around Ellie's can get a little scary around there sometimes.  It really wasn't too bad today, and again, I didn't find what I was searching for.

So, I headed to the room I was room, which is in serious need of a thorough cleaning!  I started  under the bed.  I found one of my missing shoes, a couple of empty cups, pictures, paper, and other miscellaneous items.  I started hanging up clean clothes that were sitting in 'the pile', but got side tracked by a cranky baby.

Ironically, I found the ipad on the sideboard underneath a sweatshirt!  Oh well, at least some rooms got some good cleaning!

I had given up looking for the kindle.  I started dinner and went into Peter's room for something...and the kindle was laying on a pile of blankets I had folded that morning!  My guess is that Peter had heard I was searching for the kindle and had previously stashed it in his closet.  He went in his room and removed it from its hiding place and put it on the blanket.

....or maybe St. Anthony paid us a visit;)

I'm just thankful that I know where both devices least for the moment!