Monday, June 10, 2013

And Last But Not Least.....

It was another busy weekend as Sarah's 8th grade year winds to a close!

On Friday, the class and chaperons spent a very wet and rainy day at an amusement park about 2 hours away from the school.  Since they are kids, they still all managed to have a great time!  The bonus of the crummy day was that the only other people there were 2 other classes on a field trip so there were no lines anywhere!  The kids got to stay on all the rides until they were bored with them!(I think that Sarah's record was 9 times on one ride!)

Before they got to the park, the class stopped at Burger King for breakfast.  Sarah asked for a Burger King crown and she wore it!  Goofy kid:)

While the kids were away, the parents that stayed behind began setting up for their semi dance in the gym.  With some awesome ideas and many moms' resourcefulness, the school gym was transformed into an Arabian Nights theme wonderland!  The kids did not know the theme until they walked into the gym Saturday night....and it was truly wonderful to see the looks of amazement and wonder on their faces!

It made all the planning and hard work worth it!  (As a confession, I was not blessed with any type of Martha Stewart gene!  I did the lugging!  But I was happy to be involved and it always amazes me how creative minds work! take a piece of grass, a piece of gold paper and some glitter and you can create a Taj Mahal?  Just amazing!)

The dessert table!

The tent where tables were set up for dinner.  The folding chairs were only there for a slide show presentation for the parents and then they were put away and the area became the dance floor.  Lots of strings of lights on and around the tent made for some incredible "mood lighting" that you can't get in this picture!

I know this pic is fuzzy..:(...but look at the joy and amazement on Sarah's face and her friend's as they walked in the door!

Sarah with one of the props:)

...and a couple of our beautiful daughter!  
...I know I've said this a lot the last few weeks, but where does the time go?

Tonight is Sarah's graduation!  The final chapter to a great year...topped by the honor of being the valedictorian of her class!  It was a goal Sarah set for herself in the beginning of the year and worked hard all.year.long to achieve it!  

Sarah's biggest motivation.....she wanted to beat her brothers at something!  lol...a little family competitive streak that she inherited from both sides of the family!

I'm so proud of you, Sarah!  I can't wait to hear your speech tonight!  

I definitely won't be wearing mascara tonight....waterproof or otherwise!

P.S....Happy Birthday to my loving, incredible husband who truly is my better half!

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Hafsa said...

How wonderful your daughter is graduating from high scho and as the valedictorian. You must be such happy and proud parents!