Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Behind the Scene

I'm trying out a new link up today called Behind the Scenes.  I'm supposed to post a picture and then describe what was going on around it:)

 I love this picture that I took yesterday of Luke and Ellie in the pool.  Their faces are ecstatic...and why, might you ask?  Well, they had just found a tree frog that is living under one of the edges of our above ground pool.

Luke coaxed it out...although 'coax' is probably not the word that the frog would use!

Ellie put the frog on Luke's shoulder and it 'stuck' there.  Of course, by the time I went in to get my camera, Ellie had held the frog, and when she tried to put it back on Luke's shoulder, it kept jumping onto the top of her chest.  That's when I snapped the photo...mid jump...with the kids giggling like maniacs:)

I don't think this is Luke's pal, 'Frog', from the weekend.  But, who knows!?!

A hot day, swimming in the pool, playing with frogs....sounds like summer to me!  Lazy summer afternoons with my kids are priceless for moments like this.  The laundry, dishes, and messes will always be there...but these special memories won't!  Luke telling me, "I need you!", because he's afraid to be in the water without holding onto someone will not last much longer.  (Neither will Luke telling me he needs me for anything!  I will blink and he will be 6'plus just like his big brothers!)

Living in the moment is so important...and so hard to do!

I know this is probably cheating since I'm supposed to talk about one picture....but here is the frog back on Luke's shoulder!  (I made the picture smaller...I hate being a rule breaker!  It's that first born, type A personality I have:) 


Colleen said...

Such perfect summer fun! We need a pool!

Anonymous said...

I love the shot that you took in mid-frog-jump! You can't fake the looks of delight on their faces. Welcome to Behind the Scenes! Great post!

Angie said...

I love that your showed the frog! And what a sweet memory to capture this summer! The hug, the smiles, the joy...all beautiful gifts from God!

Holly @ the belle mere said...

What a beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing a the reminder to enjoy all these moments when our kids are young.