Friday, June 28, 2013


It's Friday, Friday, Friday!   I'm linking up today with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday:)

Today's word is.....


In-between conjures up different thoughts when I think of the word.  There is in-between when kids' clothes are too tight in one size but too loose in the next size up.  And you know we never buy the tight clothes since, "they will grow into it!", but then we spend the next month or so rolling up pant legs, or elastic waists or sleeves to get by until that one day when the clothes slide on and you realize rolling is no longer necessary!

The most prominent thought of in-between that pops into my head is the in-between of life.  There are life moments when things are really joyous...the moment you see 2 lines on the pregnancy stick, the arrival of a new baby, a new job opportunity.  Then there are moments that life can feel dark and a family member's illness or death, struggles in a job, or struggles with your children.  

That leaves the in-between....the time when life goes by in a somewhat 'normal' rhythm. 

The time when everything is ok.  You know, 'normal chaos'!

I think that's a pretty good place to be!