Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lent is Coming!

I find myself in the very rare occasion of being home completely by myself!  I know this rare phenomenon will be quite brief!  Typing uninterrupted is very welcome...especially since whenever Kate sees me sit down at the computer she thinks it is an open invitation to nurse!

Yeah..the whole weaning process with my beautiful, and very head strong daughter, is not going so well!

Anyway, so Lent begins next Wednesday!  I find myself with mixed emotions at its approach.  On the one hand, I'm looking forward to it being a time of some much needed inner reflection and an opportunity to work on bringing order to a couple of areas in my life that are feeling pretty sloppy and overdone, namely issues with food and the downfall of having an iphone and the easy access of the internet at my fingertips. (I will call it the 'Too Quick to Click" syndrome!  Seriously, I'm not famous or interesting enough to need to check my emails and facebook that many times per day!  That bad habit needs to go...and Lent is a great aid in getting rid of bad habits!)

Of course, giving up things is only part of Lent.  I also need to add in a thing or two to help Lent be a time of spiritual growth.  I'm thinking I'm going to pick an extra day a week and bring senorita difficult pants to church.  I also want to schedule in some solo adoration time to work on the previously mentioned inner reflection.

I always find that God provides me with extra opportunities to grow in grace and virtue during Lent!  Hence my mixed feelings on Lent.  So often, life gets wild and crazy during Lent...sometimes for my family and sometimes for those close to me.  My answer is always the same...."It's Lent."  It's usually those involuntary penances that stretch us the most!

Checking out what I wrote last year at the beginning of Lent here and here, I'm finding my prayer focus is similar.  Adoration was on my to-do list last year, too, and it never happened.  This year, I'm determined to do better!

Well, the kiddos are home and Kate has jumped in my lap like I knew she would!  Any tips on weaning toddlers that aren't interested in being weaned?

Any plans for Lent 2014, yet?  I would love to hear them!