Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jumping into Tuesday

Wow...it's Tuesday of vacation week already after a very full, but much needed, long weekend.  Jay spent lots of time with Jon trying to sort out the direction he wants to head next year.  We both spent lots of time texting Mike who is still completely confused about what direction his studies should take.  Jay and the boys also spent lots of time shoveling after all the snow that fell between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning...a glorious 10 inches!  (and I say that filled with sarcasm!)

Seriously....bring on Spring!

I think my favorite day of the weekend was Monday.  Jay spent almost the whole day with the younger kids making lots of lego creations with Luke...and Kate.  He played games with Ellie and even cooked his famous roast for us for dinner!
Jay has always been a 'play on the floor' kind of dad!
My kids are so blessed to have a dad that loves them so much
and loves to spend time playing with them!

We all spent the morning together and then I took Sarah to meet up at the mall to hang out with a few of her friends window shopping and then catching a movie.  Jay most generously gave me the afternoon to myself to do some shopping of my own.  I had 3.5 hours of uninterrupted browsing and buying without having to entertain anyone!

It was glorious!

My grandmother had left each of her grandchildren some money when she passed away.  I wanted to use some of the gift she gave me to redecorate the living room and family room.  I have been looking at rugs for weeks online, but getting out alone is hard for me and trying to shop with little kids usually just leaves me making impulsive decisions!  (You know...the "I don't care anymore let's just pick something and get out of here before it gets ugly!")

Since I was free to go to as many stores as time would allow and browse to my heart's content without dragging kids in and out of car seats, I went to 7 different stores.  (A couple were quick stops to pay a bill or return something but even that felt good!)

I found a rug at Lowe's that I thought was going to be for the family room but ended up fitting in the living room and looking great so that is where it is staying.  I got a few new pillows for the couch....sticking with our green color scheme we have in the kitchen.  It is a change from the deep red we had and lightens things up quite a bit!  With all this snow and dreariness outside, having some light, cheerful colors inside makes a big difference.  I even found some accessories for "pops of color" as they say on HGTV!  I was in Christmas Tree shop and Pier One thinking, "What would Sabrina Soto do?"!:)

I really, really love to shop!  Having an afternoon to myself while Jay had fun with the kids at home was such a luxury!  The little ones enjoyed their daddy time, too!  At one point Jay sent me a text about dancing with Kate....
"Cooking on my day off, listening to old Billy Joel songs.
Kate asked me to dance with her.  I picked her up and 
did a box step to "She's Always a Woman to Me" 
and Kate hummed the song like she knew it while hugging me....
she's such a girl!"

And she is a little girl who has her daddy firmly 'wrapped'!:).....just like her sisters!  I wish I had been here to snap a picture!

Speaking of pictures, I am thinking about buying a new camera that can capture the kids jumping, running and squiggles without looking like something out of a psychodelic light show!  They are pricey...but I was thinking that it would be a really special way to use some of the money my grandma gave me to purchase something that would help me keep family memories.  Family was what she was all about, so I do feel good about it!  I did some research and I am looking at the CanonT3i Rebel.  I always get so stressed out making electronic purchases because there are just soooo many choices and most of the descriptions feel like they are written in a foreign language to my simple, mommy brain!  I usually drag my heels because I am afraid to make the wrong decision, waste money, and not be happy with what I buy.

I do love taking pictures!  I want the kids to have family memories and I don't want to forget all these stages of cuteness that go by so fast!  (And of course, I like having evidence of those not so nice memories to embarrass them with when they are older...a little payback can be a good thing!;)  

It's funny to think that with the older boys we were dealing with disposable cameras and cameras with film that usually left you disappointed in the "perfect shot" I would think I took only to find out it was blurry or someone blinked a few weeks later!  It's amazing how far technology has come even within the short span of our children!  

Well...I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday!  We are having a lazy day here and if I can convince Kate, Luke and Peter to get dressed I think we will venture out into the snow for a little fresh air!  (Although I would be just as happy hanging out inside watching a movie!  I am so not a winter person:)