Monday, February 10, 2014

Ready, Set, Monday!

Well, we survived our tantrum filled Sunday mostly unscathed!  This morning was much easier with Kate, who happily got dressed in the 'kitty shirt' she chose.  She even let me put in the matching hair bows...and they stayed in for a whole 20 minutes!  (Which was at least long enough to take this picture.....)

This weekend was really busy with lots of birthday time!  It started on Friday with a family party for both Mike and Andrew.  They were born on the same day two years apart...not planned, but babies come when they want! 

Mike turned 21, so Jay had gotten some beer and we got a picture of Mike having a beer for the first time!(cough, least that I have on record.  I'm sure they only serve soda at college dorm parties, right!?!;)

Then, on Saturday, we took Mike to a local hibachi grill restaurant.  Mike had never been, so it was fun to do something new and he enjoyed his food.  We were joined by the rest of our teens, Jay's sister, his brother-in-law, and my sister.  It was fun and then Jay's sisters came back to our house for games afterwards.

Sunday, after the tantrum fiasco and Mass, Jay took Andrew out for lunch and a little road trip to pick out the birthday present he asked for....a cowboy hat!
Lookin' good..and it hides the hair he keeps refusing to get cut!
Andrew asked Kate if she wanted to wear his hat and Kate said,
"No want hee haw hat.  Kate wants pom-pom hat."
Not sure where she got the hee haw hat idea...but we were all laughing!
The rest of Sunday was spent just chilling and doing a little Olympics watching! we are at Monday and back to the grind!  This is a super busy week for us!  Lots of basketball games including senior night for Jon and his last 3 regular season games of his senior season!(sniff...)  Ellie has 2 basketball games....Valentine's Day is Friday....

Yep...this week is going to fly by!

I hope that your week is off to a good start!