Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Oh, boy, it's almost the weekend!  Unfortunately, it is still winter and we are supposedly getting more snow on Sunday night into Monday.  sigh:(

1.  Winter Colds
Unfortunately, a winter cold has swept through our house again. least it's just a cold!  Kate and Luke had a couple of tough nights this week and I'm battling some painful canker sores on my tongue!  Not so much fun....bring on spring, please!

2.  Birthday Boy
Jon's actual birthday was on Monday, but after the surprise party on Friday and the family party on Saturday, it was a little anticlimactic!  My parents were supposed to take him out for dinner at the restaurant of his choice but he ended up coming home from school because of the nasty sinus cold I just mentioned above.  So, the poor guy ended up with soup and chicken nuggets for his birthday meal!

3.  Surprise, Surprise
Speaking of Jon's surprise party last Friday....I was so happy that his friends actually kept it a secret!  I chose a Lego theme since Jon loves Legos!  I kept it simple, though, because I didn't want him to feel it was too babyish!  Sarah and I made marshmallows covered in yellow chocolate and drew faces on them with an edible marker to look like Lego heads.  We made brownies and decorated them with frosting and mini m&m's to look like Lego bricks.  Jon isn't a huge cake fan, so the kids made their own sundaes and I separated m&m's by color for visual effect!

4.  Getting it Done
Since it was vacation week last week and Jon's basketball season ended on Wednesday, making and decorating the food for his party was tricky.  Thankfully, some of his friends had a sleepover on Thursday night so that's when Sarah and I made the marshmallows and separated the m&m's and baked the brownies.  We hid everything in Mike's room!  
Since Jon got very little sleep that night, Sarah and I waited until he took his daily nap and made all the frosting and decorated the brownies.  Everything was out everywhere, but thankfully Jon slept through the clean up, too!(and slept through the pic I snapped:)

(of course, when Mike came home on Friday afternoon I had to tell him to stop eating the m&m's and threaten him not to touch the brownies!)

5.  The Surprise Photo
Since Mike ended up coming home for the party, he and Jon's friend, Kenny, got Jon out of the house so that Sarah, Ellie and I could decorate and set up. The are the pics when he walked into a few more than a dozen friends!  Unfortunately, they are all fuzzy!!!!  Argh...and this is why I decided to buy the new camera I mentioned 10 days ago.  It arrives here on Monday:)

6.  Lego Movie
I mentioned earlier in the week that we saw the Lego Movie last weekend.  I cannot tell you what a hit it was with the older kids!  Every night at dinner all they do is talk about the movie...and quote lines from the movie!  Andrew even got one of his friends to go with him yesterday so that he could see it again!

7.  He said/She said
This morning, I remembered that it was Friday and Show and Tell day for Luke.  Today he needed something that starts with the letter P.
Me:  Hey, guys, Luke needs something that starts with the letter 'P'.  What starts with the letter 'P' around here?
Kate:  Poop!
Jay:  Boy, she's pretty smart!
Me:  But, 'poop', really!?! proud...
Kate after "eating" a bagel....really all she does is lick off the cream cheese!
Have a great weekend!