Friday, February 21, 2014

Kidbits from the Week

I am soooo glad it is Friday and we have a jam-packed weekend!  Let's jump right in....because time is not my friend today in regards with my to-do list!

#1:  Wintah!
Today there is so much fog because of the warmer temperatures and all the snow still on the ground!  With temperatures hitting the 50's today and tomorrow, it makes me hopeful that this winter truly will end someday!  (Of course, then someone mentioned that the temps were dipping back down again next week but I'm going to live in my magical thinking land and focus on spring!)

#2:  Valentine's Day
I got a few cute pictures of Luke and Kate on Valentine's Day. (And, just in case you were wondering, I still couldn't get Kate into the cute heart dress I had bought her!  I did attempt to put it on, and as soon as she saw it she said, "No....not that dress!")
love the hug

cute and coy

Looks of adoration!

I love the way he is squeezing her shoulder!:)
#3:  Quotable Quote
I love this quote one of my FB friends shared today!  It's easy to get discouraged in this crazy world!  A message of hope is like....spring after a long winter!:)

Although the life of a person is in a land filled with thorns and weeds,
there is always a space in which the good seed can grow.
You have to trust God.
-Pope Francis

#4:  He Said/She Said

Sarah loves lasagna and always tried to sneak sticks of butter when she was little.
Sarah: Remember when we found out Luke liked lasagna and to eat sticks of butter?... I was so proud. 

#5:  Speaking of Spring...
. this!

#6:  The End of an Era
Last Saturday, Jon played his last high school basketball game.  Senior year is filled with so many lasts, but this was a big one for him!(and for us!sniff)  
Look at that intensity!

This is why I want to buy a new camera!

Lucky #13:)
 #7:  Senior Night
We made a sign for Jon for the basketball team's senior night last week.  We are always teasing him that he looks like Emperor Kuzco from the Emperor's New Groove.  Jon will jokingly walk into a room and "kick" open the door proclaiming, "Boom Baby!", just like in the movie.  So, we made a sign to embarrass surprise him..and wave it around whenever he was involved in a play during the game!  

There's definitely a resemblance:)

Happy Weekend!