Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who's Got the Remote?

Any Person of Interest(POI) Fans out there?  Did you watch last night's episode?  (If you're a fan and haven't watched it yet, stop reading now! *spoiler alert*)

Jay and Sarah are big POI fans.  They are big superhero, good guy vs bad guy fans.  I'm more of a romantic comedy kinda gal.  I'm don't enjoy a lot of violence, detest scenes where people are being tortured, and like the shows where the conflict comes after the characters are developed and then is resolved by the end.  Real life is full of too many unhappy endings....I don't need the movies or tv shows I watch to have heavy endings, too!

(Needless to say, none of my older kids are thrilled when I'm in control of the remote.  Of course, that's almost never!)

Since Sarah and Jay watch POI as often as possible, I catch pieces of the episodes most weeks.  Some weeks I watch the whole episode, though I have to pay attention to my anxiety levels!  I have become such a wimp about violence since I started having kids!

Last night was NOT my favorite episode.  Too much violence AND they killed off one of our favorite main characters, Detective Carter.  It was a shocking, last minute gunshot wound that left all of us with our mouths open and very disappointed.  Every time Kate woke me up last night, (which, unfortunately for me, was a lot), I kept thinking about the way the show ended.

So, to the writers of POI, I am very disappointed.

I think next week, I will go to bed early.  Or go watch HGTV in our family room!