Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Love About Kate

Kate is growing and changing soooo much.  The new little baby that I held in my arms almost two years ago is now a walking, talking, strong willed toddler.  She is a love, though...and a very loved little girl!  Here are 5 of my favorite things about Kate!

1.  Her New Grin
I haven't got it on camera yet, but she started giving us this cute little grin.  It's a trait from Daddy that several of the kids have.  It is too cute when Kate does it and I can't wait to catch  it in film!

2.  Her Playfulness
Kate loves to play!  She follows her siblings around and does whatever they do, especially Luke!  She loves it when Daddy gets on the floor with her and pretends to be a bear and she pretends to be a kitty.  That's a game she requests nightly with her sweet little voice that Daddy is going to have a very hard time saying 'no' to!

3.  Her Cute Speech
Kate is a talker.  She talks about everything and tells you just what she wants!  Last night, she said her first 4 word sentence......"No, Kate do it!".  (She wanted to drink her water from a big girl glass without my help!)  She also loves to talk to other the way she said 'hi' with a big smile to each and every person in the aisle on our way back from Communion on Sunday!(Good thing she is cute!:)

4.  Those Big Blue Eyes
They are beautiful...and they draw you right in!

5.  Sister Smiles
I love that she reminds me of another blue eyed beauty...and a brown eyed beauty:) our house.  




We are so blessed:)

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