Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Waiting For the Glory Stories

No act of kindness, no matter how small, 
is ever wasted.

This quote was in my inbox today from Catholic Digest.  It was quite timely, too.  We have some friends and family members struggling with some very big crosses right now.  I wish I could solve everyone's problems and take away all their worries, sadness, and fears.  

But I can't.

I pray, I listen, I try to give advice...preferably good(!)...when I can.  I carry their hurt in my heart and lift it up in prayer to God....asking for relief for their struggles, healing for their hurts, hope for their sadness and fortitude until they reach the end of their struggle.  

I still wish that I could do more.  So often, my little offering feels so insignificant!  It's especially hard when it's a struggle one of my own children is going through because, as a mom, I'm supposed to fix it.  

Why do magic mommy kisses have to lose their magic as kids get older?

This is when putting my trust in God is most real....when it's hard to do.  He has all the answers and comfort that everyone needs!  Moments of struggle make seeing God's hand in the lives around us so much larger and clearer!

So, even though my heart is heavy for the people in my life that are struggling, I can't wait to see what great good God will work!  I'm waiting for the 'glory stories'!

Todayif you hear his voice, do not harden youhearts.” Hebrews 4;8