Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Rare Scenario

I find myself in a pretty rare scenario....the house is completely quiet!  The older kids are still at school and Luke was invited over my sister-in-law's to play with my nephew, (thanks, Jackie!).  I just got Kate to take a nap so the only person in the house awake is me!!  (Especially when you almost never get it!) will be a quick blog post so I can enjoy this silence!  I'm actually going to share some pictures that I took a couple of hours ago.  Luke and Kate were drawing on a pumpkin together and just being so darn cute!  Luke would talk to Kate and Kate would repeat back to him the last word of the sentence as her answer.

Luke:  See this picture, Kate?  I'm making a bear!
Kate:  Bear.

Luke:  We need to draw on the pumpkin and the paper.
Kate:  Paper.

I love watching them and listening to them play together!  It just warms my heart:)
I just love Kate's little face!

Hmmm...What should I draw now?

Working hard!


Such a big boy!

Luke was spinning me a tale about the 'x' he drew on the pumpkin and "When you press the 'x' "fire shoots out!!!"

I just love these two little blessings!  
I can't imagine my life without them!