Friday, November 15, 2013

A Gaggle of Hats

Sometimes I wear "too many hats"!  And I don't mean the kind on my head!  As moms, the 6,000 jobs that we perform each day(for free!) can get a little overwhelming some days!  Today, I'm sharing my multi-hat Thursday adventure for my Quick Take Friday post.....

Hat #1:  Clothes Consultant
I love any reason to "have to" shop, and yesterday was as good as any!  Sarah was in need of a warmer jacket.  I was actually looking for a vest to go over her fleece, but ended up finding a super deal on a Columbia jacket.  Since I had a 30% off coupon on top of the sale, there was no way I was leaving it behind.  It fit and she loved it...and now she can be warm on the way to and from school.  Usually, clothes consultant is my favorite job because shopping and clothes are 2 of my favorite things and I have to avoid stores at all cost don't get a chance to get to a mall very often.

Hat #2:  Laundry Person
Seriously....10 people in a house.  Enough said!  Everyday is laundry day around here!

Hat #3:  Cook
All those people in my house expect to eat dinner every night!  Last night, I made Chicken Parmesan with homemade tomato sauce.  I like to cook...and I was especially happy with the way the meal came out because I used the fresh shredded parmesan cheese I had bought last week at the grocery store for the Italian Wedding Soup I made over the weekend.  Everyone filled their plates and I guess they enjoyed it.  (Although I have to say that sometimes a little vocal praise would go a long way....sigh)

Hat #4:  Dishwasher
The duty doesn't always fall to me, but last night I was the dishwasher.  Jay had gotten home a little late and Ellie had basketball practice so dinner and clean up were a little rushed...and we were short-handed at clean up/bath time!  I got all the dishes done except for the 2 messiest pans which needed to be soaked/scrubbed.  Unfortunately, I had to step in to cover part of bath time and never got back to the pans, which led to a lot little stress on my part this am.  (I hate waking up to a messy kitchen, it makes me feel like I'm starting behind the 8 ball(!),  and I was babysitting this morning and wanted to have things organized.)  So,  because my stress was escalating to a point that was ruining the peace in the house, because my husband is so wonderful, he cleaned up the dishes before he left for work.  Because, really, he needs another task to do.......sigh.

Hat #5:  Secretary
On Thursday nights, I go to my parents are print up the paychecks for their employees and pay any online taxes that are due.  It doesn't take me long, but it's something that needs to get done...and another hat to wear!

Hat #6:  Mom of Restless Toddler and Preschooler
Kate should have gone to sleep easily last night because she had an early nap yesterday. No.such.luck.  I had several things that needed to be done last night...and a couple of things I hoped to get done, and there was no cooperation!   Kate took over 30 minutes to fall asleep nursing, and then, just when I was going to put her down, someone in the house accidently dropped the portable phone on her head and woke her up and it took me another 25 minutes to get her settled again!!!!  I was SO not happy!

Then, I got her to bed about 9:30 and started the online orders I needed to do for fundraisers at Ellie and Luke's school, and Luke woke up crying at 9:45!  Argh!  It was not a good sleeping night last night:(

Hat #7:  Editor? Sous Chef
And since it is seven quick take Friday, I will combine the last two.  Last night, Sarah needed something short proofread for school (and early this am Mike emailed me his 6 page paper to proofread).  Andrew worked until almost 10 last night and then came home and needed a hand to make a birthday cake for his girlfriend, which he plans on surprising her with today.  I was just changing hats all over the place last night!!!

I wore a few too many hats...and it showed in my impatient morning!  Thankfully, things are running more smoothly now.  I will try to keep the hat wearing to a minimum least in theory!