Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just a Little Late!

Okay....I seriously can't get my act together this week!  It's Saturday night and I'm trying to do my Friday post!  Pretty soon I will be singing the "Two days late and two dollars short!"  Argghhhh..gotta get it together!

#1:  Not All My Fault(Sort of!)
I didn't even try to post on Halloween!  I was babysitting my friends kids and her daughter had a hard time all afternoon.  At one point her son and Luke were running around playing and her daughter and Kate were both crying and miserable.  Andrew walked in the door, took one look at the craziness, and headed right back out to hide at my mother's!

Then, on Halloween night, (which was also my grandfather's birthday), we headed over to my mom's for dinner after a quick visit to Jay's mom's so she could see the kids in costume.  I swore I brought my camera but couldn't find it.  When we got back home, I couldn't find it either.  I figured it must have slipped out of my pocket at my mom's but it was too late to go back over and I was too tired to blog anyway.  

The next morning, Andrew found my camera as we headed to Mass....on the ground.:(  And it had rained!  Thankfully, it still turned on.  After Mass, I headed to Luke's school for an All Saint's Day celebration.  My mother in law had Kate, so at his 11:15 dismissal we headed to the grocery store (for some 1:1 time!:)  It was super windy and when I got home, with all of our groceries.....including a week worth of meat and dairy(!), the power had gone out!  

It was out for about 2.5 no blogging!  Then, the camera wouldn't work so I said a prayer and tried charging it!  Ugh!  Even when I had the chance to blog on Saturday afternoon, the camera still wasn't working right.  So...back to charging and thankfully it finally worked and I could upload my pics!  Hooray!  

So, I figure I'm all set and I go to my blog and an error message comes up saying my domain name has been cancelled!  WTH(and of course I said 'heck';)....I hate computers!  I have no idea what to do!  I called a tech friend and he said that Google merged something or other and it could just be a glitch.  UGH!  

An hour later I tried again and, thank-you God!, it worked!  (And I avoided a meltdown and everything!)

ok...if you are still with me after that crazy long rant(!)  I'm keeping the rest simple!  Thanks for hanging in:)

#2:  Pumpkins
Ellie's scary creation!

Luke's happy creation!

Andrew's goofy creation!

Andrew's Nicholas Cage "You Don't Say!" face creation!

Andrew's funny shape creation for Kate!

Sarah's haunted house pumpkin!

Sarah's teeny tiny pumpkin she named, "Billy Bob".

#3 &4:  Costume Fun
Sarah and Jon could wear costumes to school on Halloween for a senior fundraiser.
Sarah was a mad scientist and Jon, who has a teacher named Mr. Voci who always wears suits, went
as a 'Voci-raptor.  At night...he switched out the suit for a toga and was a philos-raptor!

Ellie as sock monkey

Peter was confused at first....Perry the platypus pajama shorts, a Celtic's jersey, and a superman cape?!?

He settled on Pacman:)

#5: All Saints Day
As mentioned above, Luke and Ellie had an All Saints Day celebration at their school.  Ellie chose to be St. Lucy and snagged some eyeball gumballs to carry around(because she had her eyes gauged out before they killed her with a sword) and Luke was St. Luke.(and borrowed Sarah's lab coat from her Halloween costume and Jay's stethoscope since St. Luke was a doctor)

#6:  Red Sox Win!!!
There were lots of happy sports fans at our house on Wednesday night!  (and lots of tired fans in Red Sox Nation from the last couple of weeks of late night games!  Hooray for extra sleep...and a happy ending!)

#7:  Super Hubbie Strikes Again
So, technically this happened today but since I'm behind on everything else I'm just putting it in now!  Jay stayed home with Kate and Peter so I could go and visit with my grandmother with Sarah, Ellie and Luke.  While we were gone, Jay went to our local market to get supplies and then came home and made some incredible beef barley soup and prepped a Portuguese style roast to go in the oven for dinner.  Then he cleaned up the kitchen!  

I am one lucky girl!