Monday, November 25, 2013

That Went By Fast!

Well that weekend went by fast!

Saturday was spent sanding and painting kitchen cabinets(mostly Jay) and being a taxi for our children(that would be me).  The bottom cabinets sans doors are done along with the island.  The top cabinets are primed and Jay spray painted the hardware.  It's starting to take shape but there is still a ways to go!  All the dust from the sanding made quite the mess!  It took hours to clean everything!  Sigh...but the plus side is that I actually did fall cleaning this year in the kitchen.....

Sunday started with Mass, then a little more painting.  It was Jay's weekend on call and he had to work for a few hours in the afternoon.  Then he went with the teenagers to their rehearsal for their variety show act.  He had his own practice for the act he is in right after that.

It was a long afternoon of cleaning the kitchen for me!  It was sooooo slow going!  I was a little cranky by the time he got home:(......

Then, we headed to my in-laws for dinner to celebrate Jay's mom's birthday.  My sil, Julie, made Chicken Piccata, and my other sil, Jackie, made sides.  It was very yummy!  Andrew and Julie made the birthday cake....and that was great, too.  I got off easy and only had to bring soda and ice cream:)

It was a busy weekend..but we got a great start on the kitchen.  I'm having a hard time finding a back splash that is just the right combo of just enough color and not too pricey.

I did learn that I could never have open shelving in a kitchen!  That is way too much pressure!  I can't wait until my doors are painted and back on...hiding the chaos!

This is an exciting week leading to an equally exciting weekend!  Stay tuned for the details!:)