Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Little of This And A Little of That!

This weekend went by in a blur!

On Saturday, Jay and Jon were gone half the day to visit one of the schools Jon is applying to.  Then, they went out for lunch and had some good 1:1 time.  That doesn't happen often enough around here, so when the opportunity arises we need to jump on it!

Since Mike is away and Andrew was working, the rest of us hung around and did some cleaning and cooking.  Sarah made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies(Jay's favorite) and chocolate chip cookies(all the kids' favorite).  I made a white chocolate snack mix recipe to send to Mike since my parents were going to visit him on Sunday.  (It was really yummy...chex mix, pretzels, m&m's, candy corn(Mike's fav) and white chocolate!  I had to bag it and hide it so we didn't eat it all!)

On Sunday, we went to Mass and I tried a new recipe for lunch....Italian Wedding Soup.  It was a hit among the soup lovers of the house.  I didn't do anything super special for food because the Patriots had a by week, so we spent extra time playing with the little kids.

Jay didn't have Monday off, but everyone else did.  I played catch-up with some work and everyone spent a lazy afternoon just hanging out together.

My teenagers crack me up.  Andrew and Sarah have been taking turns writing (complicated) math equations in a the small empty space on my whiteboard calendar!  They are self proclaimed math geeks:)  They get their math ability from Jay's dad....certainly not from me!

Oh...and it's snowing today!!!!  Just a little, but still!  It looks pretty when you're inside looking at the snow while snuggled up under a blanket!  I'm not ready for winter...but it is putting me in the mood for Christmas shopping so I think I will spend some more time organizing my lists!  I love lists!

Well....a little boring today but it's all I have!  Hope your week is moving right along!