Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting Ready For the Excitement!

We are on the verge of a very exciting long weekend!

Mike got home at dinner time last night.  It was so nice to have everyone under the same roof again:)  All the kids were excited to see him and it was great to listen to the older boys all chattering last night as I fell asleep.  (I will have to remember that blissful moment when they start getting on each other's nerves 24 hours from now!;)

This morning, Jon had to hand in his baby picture for the yearbook.  Since he is  procrastinator extraordinaire, the final decision was made at 6:25 this morning!  Here it is......

Such the cutie:)

I'm still in denial that he is a senior!

While I was looking for baby pictures with Jon, I found our informal 'photo shoot' of Jon's first Christmas.  I tried to take a picture of all three boys by our Christmas tree...and they weren't cooperating!  I will share them later in the week:)

Hopefully this year's photo shoot goes better!  Getting a group shot for our Christmas card is on my to-do list this weekend.....along with baking, shopping, decorating our Christmas tree, perogi-fest, the Variety Show, and anything else I forgot!  

It will be a fun, and busy, long weekend!

First up....baking!  Sarah, Ellie and I will be making a chocolate chip cheesecake, apple pie, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, and apple crisp today.   Quite the list...but I do love to bake.  I'm a little concerned about losing power since there is a big rain and wind storm going on outside!  I already warned Jay that if we do lose power, I will need him to come home and run the generator!

Good luck with all of your Thanksgiving preparations!