Friday, May 3, 2013

Wrapping Up Another Week!

I cannot believe that it is May!  It is the start of a very busy couple of months for us!  But I'm trying to live in the join with me as I share

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 211)

1.  Prom
Andrew attended his girlfriend, Courtney's, senior prom last Friday.  Jon also attended the prom with Courtney's best friends:)

Aren't they handsome:)

#2:  Basketball Banquets
We had 2 basketball banquets this week!  One for Sarah and Ellie's CYO teams on Monday and one for Mike's college team on Thursday.  
Ellie learned and improved a lot this year!  Her coaches were great and she got to play with one of her closest friends on the team!  Definitely a plus!
Sarah's coach said some really nice things about her!  He saved her award until last..on purpose..and called her the heart and soul of the team.  Sarah was beaming:)

Mike's banquet was bittersweet for him since it is the last time he will see the guys on his team.  He will not try out for the basketball team at Assumption, but he will get involved in the club is still his first love!

#3:  Change  
We are trying to get used to all the changes with Jay's new job.  It's challenging going from a paycheck once a week to a paycheck every other week!  It will take a little bit to get used to everything!  I'm trying to figure out where we can simplify and find more balance.    Which leads to the following....

#4: Fortune Cookie
We had Chinese food with my parents tonight and this was in my fortune cookie:
"You simplify your life in many ways and find great rewards."
Hmm...a whisper from God perhaps?

#5:  Clingy Kids
Kate and Luke have been extra clingy for the past week.  Between teething and a cold, Kate hasn't been herself!  Luke has been extra needy, too!  If only I could clone myself...that would make life sooooo much easier!

#6:  Limping Appliances
Our bottom oven(which is the larger, full size oven) broke right before we left on vacation.  I'm pretty sure it's the heating coil that needs to be replaced...again...since the same thing happened once before.  I still haven't gotten around to calling the repairman...partly because I'm trying to figure out this getting paid every other week thing and partly because I can't use our regular repair people because they don't work on the particular stove we have.(They say it has too many problems.....guess we should have bought the appliance through them!  sigh)  
At least, since it's a double oven, we still have the smaller top oven.  The only problem with that oven, other than I can't roast a chicken in it, is that the cancel button on the control panel doesn't work.  So, whenever I use it, someone has to go downstairs to shut off the circuit breaker in order to shut off the oven!(I call it our red neck oven!)  I asked about having it replaced a while ago...but you have to replace the whole panel, not just the broken cancel button!  So, for an oven I only use a couple times a week, the inconvenience of shutting off the circuit breaker seems better than shelling out over $250!

And our dryer door needs gorilla tape to stay closed again....and the rubber seal around our washer has a large hole in it and will need to be replaced soon.(again!...and that wasn't cheap either!)

#7:  Date Night
OMG...Jay and I actually got out tonight for a little while!  My parents offered to babysit:)
I can't even remember the last time we were alone together!
Since we had already eaten dinner, we headed to Pasta House for a drink and dessert.
(we had a gift card:)
So yummy!  
Jay couldn't decide what to have, so he ordered two.  
(It was my idea...I told him he could bring half home to Mike and Sarah as a surprise!)
(The desserts didn't make it home!  And then he asked me on the way home why I let him eat so much!  
From left to right:  cannoli, chocolate mousse, tiramisu
The chocolate mousse was mine!
I had a rice pudding martini to go with it!  Very unique...and I enjoyed it!

I'm looking forward to another weekend of small projects, purging, and playing with the kids!
I hope your weekend is everything you need it to be!