Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Middle

Last night was the season finale of The Middle.  We don't watch too many tv shows as a family.  Actually, only 4...The Middle, Shark Tank, Biggest Loser and Masterchef.  (Jay and Sarah watch Person of Interest together, too....but that isn't a "whole family" show!)

The Middle is a favorite because it makes us laugh.  The family on the show, the Heck family, are a middle class family that struggle all the time to have more money than month.  They are kind of like a "real family" but all of their personalities are exaggerated just enough to make it completely hilarious!  

Last night's finale focused, in part, on the oldest son, Axl,  graduating from high school.  Much of the episode revolved around bickering between Axl and his "mom", Frankie Heck.   At one point the dad, Mike, tells the mom something to the effect that they need the bickering so that it makes it easier to handle the separation that is coming up.

"Maybe mama birds don't push their babies from the nest because they're ready; maybe it's because they are sick of them!" Mike Heck

Well, I have to tell you that Jay and I laughed out loud and enjoyed a good "look" with each other over that!  

And even though I don't think I have gone, or will go as far, as Frankie did butting heads with Axl...the Mama Pajama dance for fellow Middle fans!...

The gist of what they are getting at is so true!

The last few months with Mike have been an emotional roller coaster!  Since finally making his decision to go to Assumption, things have gotten much easier most days.  He's likable least most of the time!

Change is hard.  Letting go is even harder.

It was just really nice to laugh about it last night!