Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Patience, Please!

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.....

It's amazing how far away the long weekend already feels for me!  I feel like Tuesday morning was like the "launch" from the Wipeout's Final Round and I haven't stopped since!

Last night was Andrew's awards night.  He received several awards....way to go, Andrew!  The best part was that since we left all the other kids home with my parents, Jay and I actually got to sit in the second row(!) and...wait for attention to the entire awards ceremony!

This morning Sarah reminded me that her class was performing different songs from the musical, Cats, this afternoon.  (I had forgotten...and it was even written on the calendar!  I put it in my phone so I would get a reminder ring just in case I forgot again...sadly, it has happened before!)

So, after hosting book club with 2 of my friends and my s.i.l. this morning, I headed out to see Sarah with Kate and Luke in tow.

I should have left them home.....

The 'fruit snack' bribe lasted through the first 2 songs.  Midway through the third song, Kate let known her displeasure at sitting still.  When I got up to try and keep her quiet, Luke took it as his key to wander, too.  We were in the back of the auditorium so it wasn't too bad...other than the fact that I was only partially watching the 8th graders and mostly watching to make sure Luke didn't get into trouble.(Like trying to climb on the folded up lunch tables, or trying to open up the door to the playground, or writing on/erasing the chalkboard...and, yes, he tried all these things at least once...and the chalkboard several times!)

Then, the kids re-performed one of the dances because one of the girl's moms was late and missed her daughter..which I thought was really nice!  Then the kids wanted to do their final act again.  Which was nice for them....

...Not so much for the mom(yes, I mean me) getting frustrated, sweat dripping down my back from corralling the kids and stressing that they were going to be loud, and feeling aggravated that they wouldn't just sit still!(For crying out stinking loud!)

There's nothing that makes me feel like a failure more than poor behavior by my younger set in a public situation where almost everyone knows us!  There was another family with 2 little ones just about the same ages as Luke and Kate who didn't utter a sound...well, one of them slept through half of it in his carriage but still!  And, granted, both mom and dad were there so they had a man-to-man defense while I was forced to play a zone defense......

But still!

I hate looking like I "have my hands full" and I always worry that I seem so chaotic and that my kids are out of control...

And I really wanted to avoid the "I feel like a bad parent therefore, it makes me lose my patience even easier in a stressful situation."

And I really, really wanted to avoid becoming "Unglued" (which is the name of the book we are reading in book club!), and become the "If looks could kill, hissing talking through gritted teeth, wait til I get you home and you will never have desserts again....never play outside...I will give away all your toys....insert your own empty idea here....type of threats"  that make me look like an even worse mom because now I am behaving as badly as my kid(s)!

Arrrgghhh...sooooooo frustrating!

Obviously I have some work to do with patience for myself....and sitting still and listening for Luke.  (and Kate eventually, too...but at 17 months there is only so much that I can expect!)

On a positive note, all the 8th graders did great and looked cute!
Sarah and friend having a "cat fight":)

the "purrfect" pose:)

Ahhh....the joys of parenthood!

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