Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Today is a special day for a special person.....Sarah's 14th Birthday!

It is hard to believe that our precious baby girl has turned into this beautiful young woman!  Again...I am left saying, "Where did the time go?"

Sarah came into our lives 364 days after the birth of her older sister, Therese.  All of our children are gifts, but Sarah's arrival brought healing and joy into our lives in a special way.  Having a healthy little girl filled our  arms that were left empty by Therese's death.....and helped to heal our broken hearts.

Sarah was a sweet baby.  She was quiet and easy going and loving.

She still is!

Well, maybe not so much the quiet part all the time:)

Sarah is a smart, hardworking and passionate person.  She has a strong faith and loves to spend time getting Jay to talk about lives of the saints or stories about his grandfather.  Sarah especially likes poking Jay's sensitive side and getting him to 'cry in his eyes' by talking about growing up and getting married!

Sarah is passionate about pro-life issues and, after attending the March for Life in Washington in January of this year, she was inspired to start a pro-life group in her school.  The kick-off for the group happened a couple of weeks ago and it will be her legacy to the school that she spent the last 9 years attending!

Parenting Sarah is an easy least so far!  I know that high school will bring a whole new set of adventures for her...and for us!

I wish that I could stop the clock and turn back time a little to keep her a little girl...but I know that's wishful thinking!

Jay and I are trying to enjoy this young woman that is blossoming before our eyes....without being too sad that our baby girl is growing up!

Happy 14th birthday to a sweet, special, and very loved daughter (and sister!)!