Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Blast From the Past!

It was prom night for Andrew on Friday.  Can I just say that it is so ridiculous at how easy guys have it for prom readiness.  Pick out the tux, try on the tux, pick up the tux the night before the dance.  Shower and shave.


Though he could have used a haircut...(Andrew disagrees!)
Here is a pic of Andrew and Courtney:)

It's making me a little nostalgic for the days when I had time, and the reason, to spend a whole lot of time getting ready for something and then getting to go somewhere special and having a great time with my friends without any responsibilities at home.

In my former life, BK(before kids, not Burger King...I'm not a fan of fast food chains and that one in particular!)..

But I digress...

In my former life, BK, I used to get ready for a night out with a bath.  By myself.  With hot water and whatever my Bath and Body Works smell of the month was.  And I would soak and scrub

Then, I got to pick out clothes that I liked and fit well....true bliss.

Back then, I actually got to blow dry and style my hair!  That's a luxury these days.  Usually, after helping everyone else get ready, we are already running late and I forget to take care of my hair until we are in the car driving away!:(  Or I throw it up in a ponytail.  If I'm lucky, I get to have a "fancy" hair day if I can find a hair clip to use.(Usually stolen borrowed from Sarah....daughters can be very useful!)

I'm out of luck if I'm in need of a color, though, because ponytails or an "up-do" accentuate my gray!

I didn't have that problem BK either!

I posted a couple of pictures of Andrew and Courtney Friday night on Facebook.  My high school friend, Ann-Marie, commented  that it seemed like just yesterday it was us at our prom.  That inspired me to go digging for some old photos of our special night 21 years ago.  Big hair and puffy sleeves were the "in thing" in the early 90's!:)

Are you ready.......

A blast from the past!:)