Monday, March 10, 2014

...About A Wish

This weekend wasn't nearly long enough!  Jay was covering the weekend, and he had to work 3/4 of Saturday.  Thankfully, he didn't have to work on Sunday, but with the time change everything felt discombobulated!

Saturday afternoon we did something a little spur of the moment....we went to an open house!  Not that I am looking to move right now, but I do have a little "Wish". 

As a side note.....'Wish' is actually my word of the year.  When I went back in my blog posts to find where I wrote about it, all I found was a place I mentioned it but never really explained why I felt it was such an appropriate word for me. Now I feel like I'm writing a grade school essay, lol!  "Wish is an appropriate word of the year for me because....."

Really, it is a good word for me.  On the brink of entering the next decade of my life, (insert giant 'gulp' here!), I find myself doing quite a bit of soul searching.  Surviving, (not planning and certainly not dreaming) has been my primary m.o.(mode of operation) for the last two decades.  For a while now, Jay and I have worked on changing that.

Having the word 'wish' presented to me in such a way that it felt like my inspired word of the year was kind of like a wink from God that I am heading in the right direction on at least one thing I am working on in my life!

Well that was a long explanation!  One of the kids borrowed my parents' newspaper on Saturday morning and I happened to look at the front page of the section that had the 'Home of the Week' featured.  The home was in our town and was built by the owners, who had 9 children.  I was really curious to see the set up of a house that was built specifically for a large family.  I was extra curious because the way the house set up was described seemed to fit the idea I have in my head for building a large, multi-generational home.  (It's my wish...probably one that has no chance of being realized...but a wish nonetheless)

We were able to get there close to the end of the open house.  There were a lot of really nice features to the home.  The living space was pretty open and there was a lot of room.  Their closet spaces were amazing....and their cellar had high ceilings and was dry!  There were 5 bedrooms that were a great size, with 2 other rooms that could be used as bedroom space....and 4 bathrooms!  The only thing that was a disappointment to me was the in-law set-up.  It was part of a split level space and was too small.  Oh, and it has oil heat which made me shudder!  We just converted to natural gas about 3 years ago and pay 1/3 of what we paid with oil!  I can't imagine the cost of heating a larger home!

Well, it certainly gave me more of a real vision for what my dream home would be!  I find it hard to 'dream' or 'wish'.  I find it really hard to spend time thinking about things that seems so impossible.  It feels like I just let something in my heart that will just be a disappointment.  For me, that tends to drag up feelings of failure.  I've always been much better at just focusing on goals rather than wishes...because they are usually more realistic and do-able!

 Well, this whole wish thing is like anything else that God asks me to work's a process!  (and He always gives me lots of opportunities to practice!)