Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent...Day 2 2.  Thankfully, it has been less exciting! Although Jay's stress levels are still really high after his difficult day on Tuesday, when he was exposed to bed bugs at a patient's house!

Fear of the 'what if' can be very intense.  It is waking him up early every morning and keeping his stress levels elevated all day long.  (It also didn't help that the new computer work gave him while they clean the one he had didn't work properly.  After spending 2 hours on the phone with the tech company, they determined they couldn't fix it and he needed to trade it in today for another computer!....Involuntary penance strikes again!)

It's one of those situations where only time, (and prayer), will start to heal the anxiety!  He certainly needs a break....and, unfortunately, he is on call this weekend.  Hopefully he won't have too many patients, but just not being able to completely relax and have a real weekend isn't a good thing for him right now.:(

Welcome to Lent!

Worries about Mike and some of the struggles he is having is giving Jay and I a lot of stress and worry.  He comes home for break tomorrow, and I am doing some serious praying for words of wisdom and for guidance on how to help him.  I'm also praying that God opens his heart!  This parenting of young adults is so.not.easy!  It's like being a parent for the very first time all over again!  It's easy to become to discouraged...or worry that because your first child is struggling with certain things that all the rest of them will, too!

These concerns are certainly fueling our prayer lives right now!

Luke is having a hard time at school!  Yesterday, he was misbehaving.  Today was better except when it came to doing his handwriting.  Sitting still and doing fine motor tasks is not his favorite thing!(Well, unless he is building with Legos!)  That was one of the main reasons we decided to keep him in preschool another year.  Hopefully, after a few more months of emotional growth, and he will be better focused!  Meanwhile, I'm trying to not be overwhelmed with guilt that my son is one of the "difficult children" in the class!  His teacher is great...and thankfully very patient.  I'm also thankful that she is a friend!  But still....

More talks with Luke about being obedient and making good choices will be forthcoming!

On a happy note, Peter is having a great week at school.  He came home on Monday with a handwriting page that was much better than his normal work.  I told him how proud I was of him and how happy it made me that he wrote so neatly.

On Tuesday, Peter went to school and was obsessed with making shamrocks.  His teachers had him "work for it"...finding natural motivation for Peter is always a bonus!....and he wrote me a note on the shamrocks:
It says "Peter proud"

smiley face, "Moms happy job"
In Peter speak....he was proud of himself because I was happy that he did a good job on his handwriting.  What a developmental leap for him!  And what a blessing for me to see how a few minutes of praise made him so happy.  Peter's milestones are extra special!

How is 'day 2' going for you!?!