Friday, March 14, 2014


Linking up with Jen for the weekly wrap up!

1.  It's Friday!  Hooray!  

Join me in a little T.G.I.F. happy dance!(and a little blast from the past with the Fresh Prince of Belair!)

2.  Winter Sport Wind Down

On Sunday afternoon, Jay and I went to Jon's basketball banquet.  It's always surreal when an event marks another last in this long year of lasts for Jon!  It's definitely bittersweet!  Jon shared the coach's award with another of his senior friends.  Good memories:)

Ellie's CYO season is winding down as well.  Her team lost their first playoff game last night and has one more chance to avoid elimination.  

I'm glad my kids have been involved in sports but it's also nice when we have more nights to just be a family without running here, there, and everywhere!

3.  Lent is your Lent, week 2, going?  How are you managing those involuntary penances?  Jay is still struggling with a lot of stress due to the bed bug scare that happened last week!  I have tried to keep things more organized in the house and keep our schedule as simple as know how when you're dealing with a lot emotionally on the inside it's nice to have a little control on the visual clutter around you!  I'm trying to be patient and supportive to keep him from becoming an OCD mess!(There are moments when he starts examining every little spec to see if it's moving and whoever is around him needs to remind him to stop!  Poor guy!)

'This too shall pass!'  God certainly sent him a doozy of an involuntary penance this year!

4.  Winter, Winter Go Away!
After a few beautiful days of 50 degree weather...(seriously, it doesn't take much to make New Englanders happy!)...yesterday was a snowy, cold mess!  It's March...time for winter to go "buh-bye!"

5.  Outside time!
We did take advantage of the nicer weather while it was here.  The kids spent a lot of time outside and Mike and I took Kate, Luke, and my friend's daughter to the zoo.  They were so happy to be there!  Early spring at the zoo is quite an interesting place!  All of the animals were very active.  The otters were a little too 'active'...and quickly turned our outing from 'G' rated to 'R'!  So we moved on quickly!  Thankfully, the other animals behaved themselves!

6. & 7. He Said/She Said
As a little background, Jon hates to talk about or be around discussions that have to do with body parts or bodily functions.  He gets all embarrassed and grossed out.  Not surprisingly, his siblings take advantage of this all.the.time.(It's their revenge for all of Jon's teasing!  When I was pregnant with Kate, the words "mucus plug" were used frequently by Sarah to make Jon squirm and twitch!)   

Earlier this week, there was some kind of 'body talk' going on......
Jon:   (completely disgusted!) You should have to put up a flag when you talk about gross body a pirate flag!  Or at least a code before you talk to give me warning!  Like #gross body stuff!

Luke and Jay playing with Legos.
Luke:  Look!  I have two guns so that I can shoot bears!  (pause)  Daddy, can you be a bear!

I hope you have a bear free weekend!