Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Little of This and A Little of That

It's 'Fat Tuesday'!  Jon came home and said one of his teachers told him to go home and eat ice cream today.
Me:  So are you giving up ice cream for Lent, Jon?
Jon:  No.
Me:  Then you don't really need to eat it....
Jon:  Well, if that's the logic, then I will have to sit on the couch with my computer open to Facebook until midnight....(as he walked away with his bowl of ice cream!  Jon will use any excuse in the world to have ice cream!)

Kate looked super cute today and even let me put her hair up...and the bow is still there 10 hours later!
You can't see them, but she even had on Minnie socks:)

Luke, Kate, and I sitting on the couch...
Luke: We are all wearing jeans today.
Me:  Yeah, we are jean buddies.
An hour later Kate had a "diaper problem" and needed new pants...
Luke: (seeing a diaper clad but pantless Kate) Where are Kate's pants?
Me:  They got poop on them and I have to get her a new pair.
Luke:  But, we were jean buddies!  (After a moment pause) Does she have another pair of jeans?
Me:  Yes!
(and the jean buddies ride again!)

Ash Wednesday tomorrow......"And so it begins!"