Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Send In The Reinforcements!

It's been a crazy few days....makes me long for the days of "normal chaos"!

Saturday was the biggest roller coaster day of all!  But honestly, I'm just too wiped out to write about it tonight!  I promise...as long as nothing completely crazy happens...to write about it tomorrow!

And I also promise that this is not a ploy to just peak your curiosity to get you to come back tomorrow, too!


I had a horrible migraine yesterday.  It started late in the afternoon...around 3:30...and by 5 I was curled up in the fetal position with my hands over my eyes praying for the sun to go down!  Daylight savings time was not my friend yesterday!

Ellie had a playoff game that Jay took her to.  Jon and Sarah were home with me and all the younger kids.  They both stepped up so much!  They not only watched the kids, but Sarah cooked the dinner that, thankfully, I had prepped earlier in the afternoon.  Jon and Sarah helped to feed all the little kids.  Jon swept the floors and even swiffered the kitchen floor!

They were super patient with all the little kids, too!  Sarah and Jon kept them safe and occupied and as quiet as they could for me.  Once Jay got home around 7:30, Sarah did the dishes and Jon even folded some clean laundry!

They truly went above and beyond!  I appreciate it so much!

Our house is a ranch, so even though I was in the bedroom, I could still hear everything that was going on!  Despite how awful I was feeling, I was saying prayers of thanksgiving for my family!

I feel a lot better today....but still not my normal self!  My head is foggy and sore and my eyes are really sensitive.  At least I can function today!

This afternoon when Sarah got home from school and saw the mess that Kate and Luke had made during the day, she said, "Jon just swept all that up last night!  What happened?"

Well...kids happen, Sarah!  Welcome to my world!:)