Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Already!?!

Wow did this week go by fast!  Unfortunately, this is Jay's weekend to work:(  I'm praying he doesn't have many patients to see!

To wrap up the week......

1.  Earthquake
Apparently there was a small earthquake(1.9) that happened yesterday while I was enjoying book club with my friends.  We didn't even feel it!  I think that's because we are so used to crazy kids jumping around the house, and teenagers who don't know how to close the front door without shaking the house, that it takes way more than that for us to take notice!

2.  Winter
Seriously, I am such a baby about this weather.  I don't like the cold.  It makes me want to hibernate!  I go out as little as possible!  I'm daydreaming about Florida and wishing for a long vacation to soak up some sun!  I probably mentioned this before, but one of my was a Disney trip we took during February vacation several years ago.  I remember eating dinner by the pool in our bathing suits at 6:30 pm.... in the middle of February!  It was was still light was the best!    

3.  Hats
Winter is definitely not my favorite, but Kate does look super cute in her hat:)

4. Fashionista
Kate like clothes...and shoes.  Especially shoes!  In the morning, we have to give her 2 shirts to choose from otherwise there is an 85% chance of a tantrum.  Same on the shoes.  The other day she found random accessories and "dolled herself up".  Stylin'!

5.  More on Shoes
Like I just mentioned, Kate loves shoes and boots.  Jay still has a picture of Kate holding the first pair of shoes we bought her so lovingly!

That love has continued to grow!  After Christmas, Sarah and I had a girls afternoon of returning/shopping and I found a super cute pair of boots for Kate.(on sale:)  When we got home, I told Kate I had something for her.  She walked over and looked in the box.  Her eyes lit up, her voice got extra squeaky and she started clapping her hands saying, "Yay, boots!!!"

The older boys that were in the room looked over at Jay and said, "Yah, Dad, you're screwed!" 

6.  Resolutions
I still haven't spent a whole lot of time reflecting on New Year's resolutions.  This is a big year with more big changes decisions, family dynamics changing depending on who goes away to school and who stays local, the big '4-0' looming sooner that I want, Jay's big '4-0', a high school graduation, a son turning 18 and a son turning 21. wonder I want to avoid pondering the year!:)

7. Word of the Year
Last year around this time, it was all the buzz to choose a word that would be a focus for the year.  I wasn't going to do it, then I started thinking about it, and felt God put the word enough on my heart.  It has been a word that has come up all throughout the year!  In some ways, I'm still working on 'being enough' and 'loving enough' and feelings of 'having enough'.  

2014 is a new year! (Although I keep writing 2013 on my checks!)  I got a new word when I wasn't even expecting it.  My friend, Mary, gave me a super cute angel ornament that held a word in her hands....
To explain all that the word is already making me think about would be a whole other blog I will save it for another day!  The word is already helping me to look at the new year with a positive perspective!

Have a great weekend!