Monday, January 20, 2014

Trying To Stay Positive

I had half of my Friday post already written but never got a chance to finish it.  It had been a whirlwind morning of grocery shopping and picking up things for the baby shower that I was supposed to host on Saturday.

Did you notice I said 'supposed to'?

Well, Friday afternoon, Luke didn't look good.  Kate already had a miserable cold,(and had been queen cranky for several days), which wasn't a huge deal since Jay was bringing all the little kids out of the house for the baby shower.  But, Luke...he just continued to fade as the day went on.  And Andrew started running a fever.  Then Luke's fever started...and he vomited right before dinner.

"Not Again!" was all I could think.

I hadn't been feeling good for most of the day either and figured I was catching the nasty cold Kate so generously shared!

I started to freak out...a lot!  I had a house full of people coming the next day, food to prep, a house to clean, and I was feeling completely discouraged that our family was getting sick....AGAIN!  I called my close friend, Mary, and tried not to completely freak out as I told her what was occurring in my house.  She generously offered to host the shower!  That took all the cleaning off my list and, with Sarah's help, I finished the desserts and prepped the food to go to Mary's house the next morning.

By Saturday morning, I was still sporting a fever and now a sore throat.  I asked Andrew if his throat hurt and it did.  Luke said his throat didn't hurt, buy when I looked at it I was 99% sure he had strep.  I got them all appointments and the strep test came out positive for everyone.

Jay and Sarah took all the food and decorations to Mary's while I was at the doctor's.  They were all lifesavers.  I called my own doctor on the way home from the pediatrician's and, thankfully, she called in an antibiotic for me!  I was dreading having to wait at urgent care with everyone so sick at home and feeling so lousy myself.

Sunday was spent on the couch or doling out antibiotics and advil!  Ellie started with a fever Saturday night, so Jay had to bring her to the doctor's after church.  She had the worst case of all:(  She is still running a fever today, but much lower than yesterday!

Ugh!  Lots of laughs around here!

I had my share of pity parties this weekend.  We have just had so many illnesses come through our house since the beginning of December.  We have had to cancel so many plans!  This weekend was supposed to be the baby shower on Saturday, then we were getting together with the Martin Family on Sunday morning for breakfast after Mass, and then my nephew's birthday party at lunch time.

I was supposed to get to talk to grown ups multiple times this weekend!

There are some years that are like this.  Sometimes there are so many viruses passed around...and so many people to get sick...that it feels like we will never be better!  I know that isn't true....but caring for sick kids, and getting sick yourself, multiple times over a winter is definitely a challenging part of motherhood!

I'm feeling like just locking us all in the house, sticking a "quarantined" sign on the door, and not coming out until spring!

I'm grateful for friends' prayers and well wishes, gifts of popsicles for the sick people and Air borne to hopefully keep the rest of the family from getting sick from my friend, Kim, and some homemade soup from my friend, Michelle.

Staying positive isn't easy right now.

I'm trying!