Thursday, January 23, 2014

With God, All Things Are Possible!

What a crazy week!  Strep throat, snow storm, no school because of snow storm, a cancelled trip to D.C. to attend the March for Life for Jay and the older kids....This week has felt more like a month than a week!

There's been lots of disappointment to go around!

We are mostly on the mend here, but Ellie is having a hard time kicking this strep throat.  I'm going to try some natural treatments along with her antibiotic.  I proclaim war on illness!
Today, bedding will be washed(again), and I will wipe down every handle in the house(again)!

I just want everyone to be healthy!

Winter blues seem to have taken up residence in our house.  Having their much anticipated trip cancelled was very discouraging to Jay, Andrew, Jon and Sarah.  Jay has spent many, many hours working on talks to give to the youth group at different points of the long bus ride down to D.C.  It's a very inspiring trip...and of course lots of fun for the kids to spend many hours with their closest friends.  Sarah probably took it the hardest.  She is very driven by the pro-life cause and going to the March was very important to her.

I did not do a very good job trying to foster a positive atmosphere in my home this week.  In fact, I may have won the "Queen Negativity" crown for the week.  That's not exactly the crown I am after:(  Never is it more evident at the effect's of mom's mood than when I'm cranky and it spreads to everyone on the house faster than....well, strep throat!

It's hard to be a mom in the midst of many illnesses.  Just that alone is a lot to handle...and this winter has been a tough one for us!  Strep is not our first rodeo of the winter!

My tolerance to deal with it just isn't as high as it usually is.  (Although, even in my best emotional year, a winter like this would have me crying in a corner at some point!)

I've got a few kinks in my emotional armor this year.  The all over the place emotions make it easy to keep my focus down and small and negative.  I feel like positive change won't happen, or that it is too hard and there's no way that I can actually do it so why even bother trying.

My word for the year is "Wish", yet even thinking about creating goals and having dreams just seems overwhelming and pointless.  I know I need goals and dreams...beyond getting the laundry done each day(because, really, that's such a fruitless dream because the laundry is never done!)

The other day, I received an invitation to a webinar in my inbox from the Women of Grace Benedicta Leadership Institute for Women..."Successfully Navigating Through a Mid-life Crisis."  I actually almost laughed out loud when I opened the email.

I'm thinking it would be a good thing for me to log into!  (stop nodding enthusiastically in agreement, Honey!)

Here's to hoping that Ellie can kick the strep and we can have a healthy weekend!  (I won't be holding my breath!...)

Oh, wait...that was negative.  With God, all things are possible!