Wednesday, January 29, 2014

He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said

Me:(to Kate) "How old are you?"
Kate:  "Good"

Mike and I in the kitchen...
Mike has a gross sneeze
Me:  "I'm not wiping your boogies!"

Luke playing in the tub and sees Sarah's special Bath and Body soap
Luke(to Jay):  "What's that?"
Jay:  "That's special soap that makes girls smell pretty."
Luke:  "Can I have some?"
Jay:  "Boys don't want to smell pretty.  Boys want to smell like dirt, and sawdust, and..."
Luke:  "Poop!?!"  (Laughing maniacally)

Kate was throwing a fit because she didn't want to wear a coat over her sweatshirt.....
Andrew:(to Kate)  "Sometimes fashion hurts."

Luke giving his cousin Brayden a present for his birthday..
Brayden: "Is that a present for me?"
Luke:  "Yeah, it's a 'minja' turtle!"
(Luke proceeds to take one of the 'minja' turtles out of the gift bag...)
"I want to play with this one"

Ugh...guess we have some work to do about present etiquette!

Luke was being ultra silly and teasing Andrew.  Brotherly "love" follows...
Andrew:  (to Luke) "You're being a butt head."
Luke: (laughing maniacally)  "No, you're a butt head!"
Kate: (in her cute, squeaky voice)  "Butt head"
Andrew: (shaking his head)  "You are all horrible children."

Moments after the 'butt head' incident...
Me:  (emailing myself the previous exchange so I don't forget it.)
Jon:  (watching me type)  "Oh, ho, she's gonna blog it!!!"(all excited and animated and silly)
Me:  "Yep, and I'm going to blog about you, too!"

Happy hump day!