Friday, January 31, 2014

Thank God It's Friday!

#1: Health Update
Luke woke up fever free today!  Hooray!  I hope the vitamin D I picked up added to his vitamins will help to kick his cold and maybe even keep him healthy!

#2:  Happy Visit
Since Luke was sick yesterday I had to cancel book club...again!  We try to meet weekly and we have only met once since the week before Thanksgiving!  My friend, Kim, didn't get the text message that I sent but, since she doesn't have young kids, braved a visit.  I was so grateful to talk to a grown-up!

 #3:  Waxing Poetic

During our visit, Kim and I covered a large range of topics, including making family memories and having fun.  Something I said sticks in my mind and seems like a life goal:
"I don't want to live life saying I wish I had.....
I want to be able to look back at my life when I'm old and say I'm glad I did!"
I definitely need to work on that!

#4-6: How Many Hats Can I Wear At Once?
Today brought me to the brink of multi-tasking breakdown.  I feel like I'm being pulled in 8 different directions and there's just not enough of me to go around!  To top it off, I have to bounce back and forth between so many different age groups with so many different needs!  There is drama over changing a major, drama over birthdays coming up in the next week that need to be planned, drama over college transfer applications that need to be submitted.  Then, I needed to finish cleaning the house and make some cupcakes for Sarah who is throwing a birthday party for one of her friend from school tonight.  I was trying to scramble to make plans for Ellie after a play date she was supposed to have wasn't going to happen because of a mix up between us moms.  Luke just kept asking me to play with him  And, Kate, being Kate, wanted to be attached to my hip!  Argghhh!  

If only I were an octopus!  Then, I would be all set!  (As long as my kids weren't an octopus because then they would just have more arms to make more messes!)

#7:  Super Bowl Weekend!
I know our team missed out on the Super bowl, but I honestly enjoy the game a lot more when our team isn't in it.  (Especially when they lose in the Super bowl...thanks a lot, Eli!)  When the Pats are in the big game, Jay gets so uptight that he can't even watch most of the game.  The older boys get all stressed and it isn't any fun!  This year, we can just focus on the food and enjoy the game!:)

Have a wonderful, tasty weekend!