Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Celebrating Babies!

Fevers are gone...hooray!  Of course, Kate was up a lot last night because she now has the cold that Luke had.  Sigh.....two steps forward and one step back!  But I'm glad the fevers are gone and no one is puking!

At least for now.....

Is is spring yet?  We have had two days of unusually warm weather.  I'm not pulling out the swim suits or anything, but 50 degrees in the middle of January is pretty darn good.  I'm not even looking at the weather channel to find out if we are turning arctic again tomorrow...I'm just enjoying the temperature today!

I have several friends that are having babies soon.  My friend, Pam, who I had the gender reveal party for back in September, is due in two weeks but possibly any time the way she's been feeling the last 24 hours!

On Saturday, I'm holding a little baby shower for another friend, Shelby, whose baby is due February 9th.  It's her 5th baby...so it's not the giant baby shower for a first time mom!  It will be much smaller scale, but it's still nice to pamper a mom-to-be and help get ready for a new little one in the house.

When I was pregnant with both Luke and Kate, my closest friends threw me a little baby shower each time!  It was really helpful to have outfits and diapers ready to go.  Since it was 6 years between Ellie and Luke, we had given everything away thinking we wouldn't be having more children.

Obviously God had other ideas:)

Even though Luke and Kate are only two years apart, being different genders and born in different seasons(Luke was summer, Kate was winter), I didn't have many clothes that would work.  So, the surprise shower that my friends threw for me before Kate was born was super helpful!

Plus, what women don't want an excuse to hang out with her close friends and eat desserts?  (Oohing and aawing over cute baby clothes just makes it even better!)

My friend knows she is having a girl...so it's a lot of fun throwing a 'pretty in pink' party!  It's been fun making lists and figuring out the menu.  (Planning the party has also been a good distraction.  It's good having something positive to focus on!)

Tomorrow, Mike has graciously agreed to drag himself out of bed at an un-Godly hour to come with me and Kate to get supplies.  (He's 20 and on college break....so 8am is un-Godly to him!)

Since pregnancies usually happen in three's...as the old saying goes...I am off the hook because my friend, Colleen, is having a baby towards the end of March.