Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When Things Just Don't Make Sense

Why does our world have to be so full of violence?  How can someone (or a group of people?) be so heartless and cruel as to find joy in causing pain, injury and even death to others!

It's hard to process what happened at the marathon yesterday!  So many people hurt...some with life changing injuries...and a few losing their lives.  I don't think any parent can overlook the grief of the family that lost their 8 year old son!  Not to mention that their 6 year old lost her leg and the mom is still in grave condition.  That poor father!  To go from elation that he finished the Boston Marathon to shock, pain, grief and anger that his family will never, ever be the same again.... All the what ifs that will go through his head.."what if I had run 5 minutes faster or 5 minutes slower?"  "what if I hadn't run today?"  "what if my family had only cheered me on at another mile marker?"

He has a lot to work through:(  That is such an understatement!

As a mom, it's hard enough to worry about my children's health and everyday safety from the "normal" things...crossing the street, drowning in a pool, getting lost, choking, toys with lead paint, etc.  Now we have to add random bombings at historic sporting events, too?

It's times like this that make me want to live in a bubble or an island to keep my family safe!

I'm thankful that my family is together and safe...even as my heart bleeds for the families that are suffering from this senseless tragedy!